Positive or it’s pointless

This weekend, all junior clubs will be celebrating the Positive or it’s Pointless campaign.

This weekend every junior club in Queensland unites to celebrate the Positive or It’s Pointless campaign, reinforcing the fact that football is safe, fun and inclusive for our children.   

The Positive or It’s Pointless campaign aims to reduce poor and unacceptable player, spectator and parent behaviour to make sport safe for all children.

It is a great reminder going into the second half of the season, and for those teams going into finals, that negative match day behaviour will not be tolerated.

That is, it’s Positive or it’s Pointless.

The campaign strives to unite our football community, to encourage our junior participants to love their football and have fun, irrespective of the match result.

To support the program, clubs are promoting the program with posters, flyers and giveaways around the club. 

As a supporter, you can support your club and the campaign by applauding the match day efforts for both teams and the umpires. 

You can get involved by:

Before the game

·         Encourage your children to have a go, do their best and have fun!

·         Tell them that you are proud of them, no matter what the outcome

·         Remind them to treat every person like they would like to be treated.

During the game

·         Cheer for your children and recognise good play – even if its another team member or an opponent. There are other parents watching the game too and they will appreciate your good sportsmanship

·         Keep it positive, don’t criticise or give instructions from the sidelines

·         Respect the decision-making of the coaches and officials.

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