Oxenham Park to receive upgrade

By Larissa Mouttou

Anika Wells, ALP’s candidate for Lilley along with Sen. Don Farrell, Shadow Sports Minister, today announced a commitment of $1 million to the upgrade of Oxenham Park, home of Mayne Tigers JAFC.

Mayne Tigers boast 120 Auskick participants and 242 footballers of both genders feeding into one of Queensland’s strongest senior football sides.

Female sport is set to benefit from the announcement with the proposed upgrade ensuring that Oxenham Park’s facilities improved the player experience with female-friendly facilities suitable for modern participants.

The proposed work would include new changerooms, storage and spectator facilities to be built on Oval 2.

AFL Queensland CEO, Dean Warren, welcomed the funding commitment from Labor to upgrade a vital sporting facility that supports a fast-growing junior AFL club with over 95 years of history.

“AFL Queensland are delighted at the announcement of crucial funding to upgrade Oxenham Park that will support the rapid growth of AFL and increase female participation at the site,” Mr Warren said.

“Our AFL Queensland purpose is to ensure AFL is the most progressive and accessible team sport in Queensland.

“Providing quality facilities for both male and female footballers who want to get involved in our game is critical to supporting increasing participation in our game.

“AFL Queensland have long advocated for an upgrade of the player amenities at Oxenham Park, having previously aided in the installation of lighting and fencing at the site. 

“The Oxenham Park project is listed as a priority in AFL Queensland’s Facilities Plan, and AFL staff will work closely with Queensland Cricket and the local footy and cricket clubs to ensure that a quality community outcome is achieved.”

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