NQ U16 Championships Results


The Cape Crusaders have taken out the North Queensland Under 16 Championships, with an undefeated run through the carnival.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the Cape,  with their 1-point, 5.9.39  to 6.2.38, win over an equally strong Cairns outfit ultimately deciding the championships.


Coaches Awards

Townsville – Dan kilty

Mackay – Harry Arnold

Capricornia – Jackson Mangion

Cairns – Oliver Koch

Cape York  – Ali Hodges



Friday 8th April

Game 1


Capricornia 4.12.36  dft  Mackay 0.2.2

Cap Best Players: Z.Stephenson, J.Mangion, K.Haua, D.Crowther, J.Grainger

Cap Goals: J.Grainger, K.Haua, A.Walker, C.Timms 1

Mak Best Players: J.Devitt, K.Semier, H.Arnold, A.Fedor


Saturday 9th April

Game 2

Townsville  10.7.67  dft Mackay 0.1.1

TSV Best Players: B.Snook, D.Kilty, G.Sproule, R.Gilmore, D.Koenen

TSV Goals: B.Snook 3, R.Gilmore, S.Young 2, C.Guest, B.Wilson, S.Hogan 1

Mak Best Players: K.Semier, J.Laffen, J.Devitt, , H.Arnold


Game 3

Cape York 5.9.39  dft  Cairns 6.2.38

CY Best Players: H.Tabuai, D.Yunkaporta, T.Lowa, L.Fould, L.Pearson

CY Goals: C.Googleye, Billy Dau, D.Yunkaporta, T.Pensio 1

CNS Best Players: D.Koch, M.Culpitt, C.Graham, L.Watson, B.Deslandes, T.Lavrick

CNS Goals: K.Walsh 3, A.Broad, M.Halton, T.Lindemayor 1


Game 4

Cairns 5.8.38  dft  Townsville 3.0.18

CNS Best Players: D.Davidson, C.Graham. M.Culpitt, T.Lindenmayor, O.Koch, R.Maher

CNS Goals:K.Walsh 2, J.Dow, L.McDonald, C.Graham 1

TSV Best Players: B.Wilson , G.Sproule, D.Kitty, B.Snook, D.Keonen

TSV Goals: S.Biondi –Howarth, S.Hogan, C.Guest 1


Game 5

Cape York 6.4.40  dft  Capricornia2.1.13

CY Best: H.Tabusai, L.Fauid, T.Lowa, M.Awang,  P.Nawai

CY Goals: D.Yunkaporta 3, P.Naawi 2, T.Pensio 1

CAP Best: V.Fitzgerald, J.Mangion, D.Crowthers, K.Haua, T.Boyd

CAP Goals: K.Haua 2


Sunday 10th April

Game 6

Cape York 15.4.94  dft Mackay 2.3.15

CY Best: V.Fitzgerald, C.Googleye,  D.Yunkaporta, R.Dau, T.Pensio,

CY Goals: D.Yunkaporta 5, V.Fitzgerald 3, T.OLowah, P.Nona, D.Esron, B.Biara, T.Pensioo, M.Ahwang, L.Flinders 1

MK Best: H.Arnold, K.Siemer, J.Hill, J.Stanley

MK Goals: H.Arnold 1, T.Hughes


Game 7

Townsville  4.5.29 dft Capricornia 2.1 13

TNV Best: G.Sproule, D,Kilty, S.Biondi – Howarth, R.Gilmore, D.Koenen

TNV Goals:  S.Biondi – Howarth, R.Gilmore, S.Young, K.Hurst

CAP Best: D.Crowther, J.Richardson, J.Mangion, J.Grainger, C.Timms

CAP Goals: K.Haua 2


Game 8

Cairns 10.9. 69   dft Mackay 4.1.25

CNS Best: J.Dow, T.Lavrick, K.Walsh, T.Lindemayor, O.Koch

CNS  Goals: M.Culpitt, M.Halton, O.Koch, K.Walsh 2, S.gall, T.Lindemayer 1

MAK Best:H.Arnold, R.underwood, J,Stanley, A.Fedor, T.Laf, J.Hill

MAK Goal: R.Underwood 2, A. Fedor, J.Gardiner 1


Game 9

Cape York 5.3. 33  dft  Townsville  2.4. 16

CY Best: L.Fauld, L.Flinders, F, Greenwool, P.Nona, T.Lowah

CYGoals:D.Yunkaporta 2, M.Ahwang, P.Na’awi, T.Lowah

TSV Best: M.Parker, D.Kilty, B.Snook, S.Biondi – Howarth, B.Wilson

TSV Goals: C.Guest, G.Sproule 1


Game 10

Cairns 8.5.53  dft   Capricornia  1.4.10

CNS Best : T.Lindemeyoe, J.Dow, D.Davidson, M.Culpitt, T.West, O.Koch

CNS Goals: K.Walsh 3, T.Lindemeyor 2,  M.Halton 2, D.Davidson 1

CAP Best : D,Granther, C.Timms, F.Bishop, A.Miles, J.Richardson

CAP Goals: K.Haua 1

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