North Lakes achieves Quality Club Silver

North Lakes JAFC achieves silver Quality Club accreditation.

North Lakes JAFC is hoping its new silver Quality Club accreditation will help create a lasting legacy.

The club reached the Silver status earlier this month and secretary, Darren Roy, said establishing position descriptions would help ease new committee members into their club in the long-term.

“With a constant turnover of people in volunteer positions, we wanted to avoid the experiences of people leaving and new people come in not knowing not to do,” he said.

“Now we have a succession plan that’s continuing to build.

“We’re not running an inefficient operation, going back to the start all the time.”

Roy said the implementation of new initiatives in a bid to reach silver status

“It’s led to a lot more volunteers,” he said.

“We’ve struggled in the past to get people to help out and it ends up with a few people doing most of the stuff.

“We’ve got more people helping out with the team and more interaction,” he said.

“It’s not just turning up on the sideline, it draws them in and once they get involved, they get  to see a bit more on what goes on.”

 Roy said while it was hard work to make changes at the club, it would be worth it for the long-term efficiency of the club.

“A lot of clubs don’t see these things as critical but you don’t miss them until you need them,” he said.

“If you can invest your time now, it sets you up well for the future I think.”

For clubs to reach silver Quality Club accreditation ,they must meet a certain number of criteria in regards to volunteers, promotion and general infrastructure.

For more information on the AFL Quality Club program, click here.

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