No limits for courageous Lachlan

By Jeff Neumann

At just eleven years of age, North Melbourne fanatic and University Cougars Under 12 defender Lachlan Carmody is an inspiration to many.

Just last year Lachlan had plates inserted into his ankles, with his body developing faster on the inside than the outside. Due to his light frame, the wounds from the surgery were very slow to heal and Lachlan was wheelchair bound for over 3 months.

The plates remain but Carmody has returned to footy, a testament to his character and passion for playing football with mates.

Lachlan has quite the schedule, with four of five week days taken up with either swimming, football or training with his GPS (Great Public Schools) sports at Toowoomba Grammar. Add to this his weekend University Cougars game days schedule and, of course, supporting his beloved Kangaroos.

His commitment to sport does come at a cost, with Lachlan frequently very sore after physical activity and regular visits required to his orthopaedic surgeon.

If the plates fail then Lachlan will need to undergo osteotomy surgery where a bone is cut to shorten, lengthen, or change its alignment.

Lachlan’s Doctor Father Cameron has been right behind his son, and is proud of his efforts in getting back onto the football field.

“As his dad though I am proud as punch,” he said

“Lachlan loves being a defender, he has a job to do and can see the play in front of him.”

Lachlan spoke to about his love for footy and just been back on the field.

“(I love footy) because of the contact, the rough stuff, and playing with friends,” Lachlan said.

“(I love University because the) kids from various backgrounds, they don’t bully (me), they just are a good bunch of people.

“Having missed a lot of footy last year, it made me sad. I couldn’t walk, let alone kick a footy for a long time. I really missed my friends and running out onto the ground.”

The surgery to insert plates isn’t the only reason behind his inspirational story.

Lachlan was born with severe hearing loss, though his dad said this isn’t an issue for his son.

“He functions extremely well, better than his doctor father,” Carmody said with a smirk.

“On the footy field Lachs cannot wear his hearing aids for risk of injury. Sometimes he is lost in the play and cannot hear the calls, but loves it he really loves it.”

Lachlan doesn’t want to be identified as a child with a disability and doesn’t want, or expect, any favours.  All he wants is to play footy with his mates.

Player Profile
Lachlan Carmody #18
Career Games: 38 Career Goals: 1

Position: Defender Club: University Cougars

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