NEAFL Grand Final Umpires

By Anisha Mistry

The 2013 NEAFL Grand Final umpiring panel was announced in preparation for this weekend’s clash between the Brisbane Lions and the Sydney Swans.

All umpires have been watched through the year and their performances have earned them selection. 

Each umpire should be congratulated for being chosen  for the upcoming match.

The field umpires are:

Andrew Stephens – (QLD) 3rd senior state league GF

Jason Baldwin – 7th senior state league GF

Brent Pawley – AFL Rookie 

The boundary umpires are:

Nick Heneker – (QLD) 3rd senior state league GF

Gareth Hughes – 1st senior state league GF

Dan Field-Read – 1st senior state league GF

The goal umpires are: 

Rob Whitehead – 3rd senior state league GF

Rose O’Dea – 1st senior state league GF

The emergency field umpire is Liam Rowe (1st) and the emergency boundary umpire is Patrick Jackson.

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