NEAFL Grand Final umpires announced

Last night at a function the 2012 NEAFL Grand Final umpiring panel was announced to officiate in this Sunday’s clash between the Brisbane Lions & NT Thunder

The field umpires are:

Andrew Stephens – 24 years of age, 100 senior matches, 2nd GF

Jason Baldwin – 37 years of age, 189 senior matches, 6th GF

Aaron Hall – 26 years of age, 84 senior matches, 1st GF

The boundary umpires are:

Matthew McKenzie – 28 years of age, 213 senior matches (field & boundary), 4th GF (1st as a boundary umpire)

Nick Heneker – 18 years of age, 29 senior matches, 2nd GF

Isaac Box – 32 years of age, 60 senior matches, 1st GF

The goal umpires are:

Rob Whitehead – 22 years of age, 86 senior matches, 2nd GF

Alistair Meldrum – 18 years of age, 22 senior matches, 1st GF

The emergency field umpire is Brett Kronk and the third scorer is Brent Fewkes

The umpires for the SEQAFL CUP Grand final between Aspley & Broadbeach are field umpires Joe Spiteri, Matthew Young & Nathan Scott. The boundary umpires are Brett Bradford, Gareth Hughes & Rob Zwiers along with goal umpires Kylie Ann Rossiter and Matthew Ennis

The emergency field umpire is Tyler Higson and the third scorer is Brad Walton

Congratulations to all of the officiating umpires and good luck for Sund

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