Moreton Bay & Morningside set to join Bond University QAFLW in 2025 

AFL Queensland has granted Moreton Bay Lions and Morningside Panthers provisional licences to enter the Bond University QAFLW competition in 2025.  

The Moreton Bay Lions are the reigning premiers of the QFAW Division 1 competition and have a strong playing list who are ready to test themselves are the next level.  

The club boasts some of the most impressive facilities in Queensland and has seen 163% growth in their junior girls participation since 2019. 

Mitchell Simpson, AFL Queensland’s Competition Manager, said it was exciting to expand the QAFLW into the Moreton Bay region. 

“The facility at Red Rooster Park is one of the most elite facilities in the state, and it will be a great outcome for our premier women’s competition to be playing at the venue come 2025,” he said. 

“The Lions have solidified their youth pathway over the past two seasons, and after setting the benchmark in the QFAW Division 1 this year I’m excited to see how they build towards their entry into the QAFLW. 

“We look forward to supporting them on their arrival into the QAFLW in 2025.”  

Moreton Bay Chairman Geoff McDonnell said the club has been working diligently to build their female pathway and the QAFLW licence is a reward for the club’s effort. 

“We’ve been on a journey for the last decade to build a complete female football journey from Auskick to seniors, and now having female representation in every grade is fantastic for our club and community,” he said.  

“Being a part of the Bond University QAFLW competition completes our female program and rewards the hard work of our club, players and volunteers. 

“It’s exciting to now have our own pathway where our homegrown talent can play from juniors to seniors and have the opportunity to be drafted straight from our community football club or to play at a community level.” 

Morningside is the largest Queensland club for female participation, with a strong youth girls’ program, and is developing a Panthers Female Football Excellence Program to nurture and develop talent from juniors to seniors.  

The club has also made significant upgrades to their facilities, which are ongoing, including equitable changerooms, and have been strong performers in the QFAW Division 1 competition in recent years.  

Simpson said the Panthers were elevated to the QAFLW because of their holistic approach to female high-performance programs.  

“Morningside has heavily invested in their women’s programs and because of this, have experienced enormous growth in female participation right across the club” he said. 

“They have been granted a provisional licence to enter the QAFLW not only because of their strong on-field presence, but because of their holistic approach to women’s high performance. 

“They have recently appointed a Female Football Excellence Manager, Dr Georgia Black, who has previously worked as Head of Performance at the Queensland Firebirds, and they continue to make important upgrades to their facilities for their athletes.  

“We have been impressed with Morningside’s approach to their female programs and we look forward to working closely with them in 2024 to welcome them into the QAFLW in 2025.” 

Morningside Panthers’ Senior Football President David Diamond said the club was delighted to be a part of the Bond University QAFLW competition in 2025.  

“It’s a great honour for the club to be able to play at the highest level of women’s football in Queensland,” he said.  

“The Morningside Panthers set a plan in 2018 to have a senior women’s team playing in the QAFLW and build a grassroots pipeline at the club, and we’re pleased to have achieved these targets, with continued female participation growth. 

“We look forward to competing strongly in the Bond University QAFLW and further strengthening the growth of female football across our wider community.” 

Head of AFL Queensland Trisha Squires said she is pleased to see the growth of women’s football in Queensland. 

“Congratulations to Moreton Bay and Morningside on being granted provisional licences to join the Bond University QAFLW,” she said.  

“There are more women and girls playing football in Queensland than ever before, and the expansion of the Bond University QAFLW competition is evident of the exceptional talent we have across the state.  

“I look forward to seeing what Morningside and Moreton Bay can bring to the competition for 2025.” 

The Bond University QAFLW season commences in April 2024. 

Key points:  

  • Morningside and Moreton Bay will join the Bond University QAFLW competition in 2025 

  • Both Morningside and Moreton Bay have been strong contenders in the QFAW Division 1 competition, with Moreton Bay the reigning Premiers  

  • Morningside has heavily invested in its women’s and girls pathways, and is the largest Queensland club for female participation 

  • Moreton Bay has seen 163% growth in their junior girls participation since 2019 

  • Australian rules football in Queensland continues to soar to new heights, with the state’s all-time community football participation record surpassed in 2023. More than 68,000 people registered to play the game in the sunshine state this year from Auskick through to junior and senior club football 

  • More than 4,000 girls now participate in junior competitions, which is an increase of 72 per cent since 2019. 

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