Metricon Stadium launches Stadium App

Metricon Stadium today released a free app that will maximise the stadium’s new high-density Wi-Fi delivering customers the connectivity they desire and a more immersive fan experience.

Gold Coast SUNS, along with global ICT giant, and SUNS’ Major Support Partner, Huawei, announced in August last year, that it had become the first Wi-Fi connected stadium in Queensland, and Gold Coast SUNS’ CEO, Andrew Travis said that the stadium app was the next evolution of maximising this platform.

“The development of the stadium app is a great win for Metricon Stadium, the Gold Coast SUNS and importantly, our customers. The app, now in its infancy, will continue to evolve throughout the season and can be downloaded for free though Google Play and the App Store.”

“Our unique stadium model has helped us lead the way with our match day experience, and this now gives us the opportunity to extend that into the digital experience with match day information, news, ticketing upgrades and exclusive offers, that will only be offered through the app,” Travis said.

Travis said the smart stadium solution, powered by Huawei, enables the 27,500 seat stadium to take a quantum leap in terms of fan experience.

“Stadiums must offer more than just the live game experience, and when competing with the comfort and convenience of the home environment, it’s important we stay ahead of the game and find additional ways to better understand our fans and build a deeper relationship with them, which in turn will drive customers back to the stadium,” Travis added.

Huawei’s John Lord said there were exciting times ahead for Suns fans with Metricon Stadium becoming the first fully connected smart stadium in Queensland.

“Following successful deployments of Huawei’s Agile Stadium Solution in Europe, we are very proud Metricon is our first stadium in Australia and has now become the first fully connected smart stadium in Queensland. These are exiting times for GC SUNS fans as our high performing and high-density Wi-Fi network provides excellent service for tens of thousands of spectators and reaches speeds far beyond the industry average”.

Huawei’s Agile Stadium Solution is implemented by partner Fujitsu Australia and specifically tailored to large stadiums. The innovative technology includes world class 3D planning tools within the Wi-Fi designing and programming to provide a high quality, secure and stable experience.

The app can be downloaded for free though Google Play and the App Store

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