Magpies’ women ready for business

By Beth Newman
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Cherie Morrison is used to being in a male-dominated industry, and the new Western Magpies board member is looking to help shift the balance at Chelmer.

Morrison is one of two women appointed to the Magpies board this year, the other being Bendigo Bank manager, Andrea O’Shea, and she is already hard at work.

The Jimboomba Turf Group director, said the two women would bring a fresh, and valuable, perspective to the board.

“Women have a different point of view– sometimes they can see things differently,” she said.

 “We certainly need to get more women representing boards and they hopefully their tendency to assist will grow.”

A member of the ladies’ committee, Morrison plays a key role in attracting women to the club, both as players and members.

“We’re trying to think of groups of women to try and approach in the area,” she said.

“Everyone can learn a new sport or a new skill, that’s the way I looked at it,” she said.

“It is a sport after all but it’s all about being in a club, attending, trying and having a crack.

“It’s the comradeship and sitting around at the club afterwards, bring back what it used to be- always went to the footy club and had a meal and a drink afterwards and just getting all of that back – not sure of why they disappeared out of their live. It’s not just footy clubs Disappeared out of a lot

Morrison said the club was looking to encourage more women to get involved the Magpies, regardless of their links with football or the club.

“There is an ample amount of women in the area who might want something to do with their extra time,” she said.

“They might not think it’s for them because it’s a football club and they don’t play, but we’d love to have them.”

Morrison, also a director of Jimboomba Turf Group, grew up in Longreach and wants to help bring the country community feel back to the footy club.

“We want to bring back the old club spirit,” she said.

“I’m not sure of why they disappeared out of their live and it’s not just footy clubs, it’s disappeared out of a lot of clubs.”

 “We’re looking to make it their club, so people can say, ‘This is my club and I want to be there and participate in it.’”

“Everyone always used to go to the footy club and have a meal and a drink afterwards.

O’Shea is at the forefront of the club’s new membership drive, and echoed Morrison’s emphasis on building a strong community at the Magpies.

The club’s secretary, O’Shea’s role is her first involvement with AFL and the club’s importance to the local area was one of the drivers of that.

“The main thing was I wanted to be involved and a part of the local community,” she said.

“It’s been really fun so far, a little bit challenging at times but I’ve really enjoyed my time so far.

“Everyone’s been really welcoming and ready to help out.”

O’Shea said the dedication of the club’s members had stuck out since her appointment.

“It’s great how committed everyone is to the club,” she said.

“There are some people who are down there every day trying to help out with the game or with training, help out with the bar and really promote the activity down there.”

It’s only early days but both women say they’ll be sticking around for a while to help strengthen the club’s long-term future.

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