List of players eligible for the 2022 NAB AFL Rising Star Award

The NAB AFL Rising Star Award was initiated in 1993 to recognise talented young players in the AFL Competition. The winner of the NAB AFL Rising Star award will receive the Ron Evans Medal, a $20,000 personal investment portfolio and a dedicated private banker courtesy of NAB.

After each Round of the home and away season, a player is nominated as the weekly NAB AFL Rising Star and, at the end of the season, a player is selected as the winner from the group of twenty-three (23) players who were nominated.

List of AFL players eligible for the 2022 NAB AFL Rising Star Award


Selection Criteria:

To be eligible for the award:

  • a Player must be under 21 years of age (1st January 2022) and played 10 or fewer games before the 2022 Toyota AFL Premiership Season.
  • In general, a Player judged to have played the best individual game of the round to be the basis of the weekly nomination.
  • When several players are judged to have played at a reasonably similar level, previous rounds / year to date performances are then taken into account.
  • The priority is to have the best performed 23 players nominated by the end of the season for consideration for the overall award. Therefore, in later rounds, year-to-date performances will be allocated increasing weight relative to performances in the round.


Weekly Selection Panel for 2022 NAB AFL Rising Star:

Kevin Sheehan (Chairperson), Nathan Buckley (new in 2022), Jude Bolton, Kane Cornes (new in 2022), Abbey Holmes (new in 2022), Chris Johnson.

Selectors will monitor all AFL matches noting 182 players across AFL lists are eligible for the award with one to be recognised each round.


2022 All-Australian Panel Selection Panel:

Gillon McLachlan (Chairperson), Kevin Bartlett, Jude Bolton, Nathan Buckley, Kane Cornes, Andrew Dillon, Glen Jakovich, Chris Johnson, Cameron Ling, Nick Riewoldt, Kevin Sheehan (NAB AFL Rising Star only) and Brad Scott.


At the conclusion of the home-and-away season, each selector shall nominate the five-best performed eligible players from the weekly nominees based on their performance during the home and away matches.

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