Lions Coaches Take On AFL 9s

Lions Coaching staff took to the field at the Lions Family Fun Day for a demonstration game of AFL 9s.

Thousands of fans turned out to celebrate the start of 2012 footy season at the Brisbane Lions’ Family Fun Day at Yeronga.

A feature of the day was an AFL 9s exhibition match between the Brisbane Lions coaching team – including Michael Voss, Alastair Lynch, Adrian Fletcher, Shane Woewodin and Gary O’Donnell – and ‘Los Hombres’; premiers of the Brisbane Northside Spring AFL 9s competition. 

Lions’ fans lapped up the AFL 9s action, which featured lots of fast flowing, end-to-end play on the soccer-sized field.

Female forwards from both teams scored two early 9-point supergoals and at the end of a tightly contested first half, scores were level.

The second half saw the Lions coaching team take control of the game, as they mastered AFL 9s tactics and used quick passes by hand and foot to maximum effect. 

Sideline “Commentary” from Jamie Charman about his coaching teammates kept the crowd amused as the Lions team ran out winners, 56 points to 23.

But you don’t have to be a Vossy or Lynch to play AFL 9s.  Non-contact and modified to suit people of all ages and skills, it’s a very social, fun and easy game to play whether you are a footy die-hard or a total novice.

Though summer is traditionally the footy off-season, Queensland’s balmy nights are perfect for playing AFL 9s, with competitions commencing in February at parks throughout Queensland.

AFL 9s is a great way to keep fit, have fun and make friends, so make sure to register a team at your local competition.

Just follow this link to view our competitions and get playing.

From there, just turn up at a Come ‘N Try Night with your running gear and a water bottle – we’ll take care of everything else.

For more information on how you can get involved in AFL 9s, email, call us on (07) 3033 5407

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