Lions add 18 to list

The Brisbane Lions today selected 18 players at the Inaugural NAB AFL Women’s Draft.

Speaking after the event Brisbane Lions AFL Women’s Team Coach Craig Starcevich said that he was very happy with the outcome of the Draft and the players that the Club was able to pick up.

“(We’re) very happy with how it went, we’ve been planning it for a while,” Starcevich said.

The Lions chose Yeronga South Brisbane WFC midfielder Emily Bates with the number 2 selection.

Bates is a prolific ball winner, Starcevich says has leadership skills beyond her years.

“Bates is one of the few Queenslanders who has played in all five of the exhibition games over the past four years,” he said.

“She’s a very prominent Club player and has been our representative player of the year for the past couple of years.

“She’s going to bring leadership to the table. Even though she’s only 21 now, i think down the track you’ll probably find her as being a leader of the Lions in some capacity in the future.”

Starcevich said that it’s hard to see how this list will compare to other Clubs’ lists until games begin, but said they were able to top the team up in areas they needed to.

“We’ve topped up on areas that we needed to… We obviously marqueed a couple of very good tall key position players and the next trick was to bolster our defence, add to our midfield and make sure we can maximise our chances when we go inside forward 50,” he said.

“We’ve topped up where we needed to from interstate, but a majority of our list is local Queensland talent.”

The team will get together tomorrow night for a social gathering, but will not start training together until November 21st.

The Brisbane Lions will now have two weeks to confirm their three Free Agents.



NAB AFL Women’s Draft full list


1 GWS Nicola Barr
2 Brisbane Emily Bates
3 Carlton Bianca Jakobsson
4 Fremantle Hayley Miller
5 Western Bulldogs Jaimee Lambert
6 Collingwood Nicola Stevens
7 Adelaide Ebony Marinoff
8 Melbourne Elise O’Dea
9 Melbourne Deanna Berry
10 Adelaide Heather Anderson
11 Collingwood Stephanie Chiocci
12 Western Bulldogs Aasta O’Connor
13 Fremantle Brianna Green
14 Carlton Katherine Gillespie-Jones
15 Brisbane Tahlia Randall
16 GWS Ashleigh Guest
17 GWS Aimee Schmidt
18 Brisbane Nicole Hildebrand
19 Carlton Sarah Hosking
20 Fremantle Ashley Sharp
21 Western Bulldogs Hannah Scott
22 Collingwood Sarah D’Arcy
23 Adelaide Jenna Mccormick
24 Melbourne Richelle Cranston
25 Melbourne Lauren Pearce
26 Adelaide Deni Varnhagen
27 Collingwood Brittany Bonnici
28 Western Bulldogs Kirsten Mcleod
29 Fremantle Lara Filocamo
30 Carlton Gabriella Pound
31 Brisbane Leah Kaslar
32 GWS Rebecca Beeson
33 GWS Kate Stanton
34 Brisbane Jessica Wuetschner
35 Carlton Danielle Hardiman
36 Fremantle Tiah Haynes
37 Western Bulldogs Kimberley Ebb
38 Collingwood Bree White
39 Adelaide Sally Riley
40 Melbourne Alyssa Mifsud
41 Melbourne Shelley Scott
42 Adelaide Georgia Bevan
43 Collingwood Caitlyn Edwards
44 Western Bulldogs Hayley Wildes
45 Fremantle Kira Phillips
46 Carlton Shae Audley
47 Brisbane Alexandra Anderson
48 GWS Erin Mckinnon
49 GWS Thi Thanh Mai Nguyen
50 Brisbane Breanna Koenen
51 Carlton Isabella Ayre
52 Fremantle Tayla Bresland
53 Western Bulldogs Brooke Lochland
54 Collingwood Alicia Eva
55 Adelaide Sophie Armitstead
56 Melbourne Katherine Smith
57 Melbourne Emma Humphries
58 Adelaide Talia Radan
59 Collingwood Amelia Barden
60 Western Bulldogs Bailey Hunt
61 Fremantle Amy Lavell
62 Carlton Lauren Brazzale
63 Brisbane Megan Hunt
64 GWS Amanda Farrugia
65 GWS Jacinda Barclay
66 Brisbane Samantha Virgo
67 Carlton Breann Moody
68 Fremantle Stacey Barr
69 Western Bulldogs Ellyse Gamble
70 Collingwood Stacey Livingstone
71 Adelaide Rachael Killian
72 Melbourne Stephanie De Bortoli
73 Melbourne Lily Mithen
74 Adelaide Rhiannon Metcalfe
75 Collingwood Jessica Cameron
76 Western Bulldogs Lauren Spark
77 Fremantle Melissa Caulfield
78 Carlton Jess Hosking
79 Brisbane Kate Lutkins
80 GWS Britt Tully
81 GWS Kristy De Pellegrnini
82 Brisbane Kate Mccarthy
83 Carlton Natalie Plane
84 Fremantle Cassie Davidson
85 Western Bulldogs Nicole Callinan
86 Collingwood Jasmine Garner
87 Adelaide Anne Hatchard
88 Melbourne Ainslie Kemp
89 Melbourne Mia-Rae Clifford
90 Adelaide Tayla Thorn
91 Collingwood Emma Grant
92 Western Bulldogs Lisa Williams
93 Fremantle Taylah Angel
94 Carlton Sarah Last
95 Brisbane Shaleise Law
96 GWS Renee Tomkins
97 GWS Clare Lawton
98 Brisbane Selina Goodman
99 Carlton Tilly Lucas-Rodd
100 Fremantle Belinda Smith
101 Western Bulldogs Lauren Morecroft
102 Collingwood Penny Cula-Reid
103 Adelaide Abbey Holmes
104 Melbourne Brooke Howells
105 Melbourne Jessica Anderson
106 Adelaide Stevie-Lee Thompson
107 Collingwood Lauren Tesoriero
108 Western Bulldogs Tiarna Ernst
109 Fremantle Stephanie Cain
110 Carlton Katie Loynes
111 Brisbane Sharni Webb
112 GWS Ella Ross
113 GWS Stephanie Walker
114 Brisbane Nikki Wallace
115 Carlton Madeline Keryk
116 Fremantle Kelly Clinch
117 Western Bulldogs Kate Tyndall
118 Collingwood Melissa Kuys
119 Adelaide Jessica Sedunary
120 Melbourne Madeleine Boyd
121 Melbourne Pepa Randall
122 Adelaide Sarah Allan
123 Collingwood Cecilia Mcintosh
124 Western Bulldogs Courtney Clarkson
125 Fremantle Demi Okely
126 Carlton Kate Darby
127 Brisbane Jamie Stanton
128 Brisbane Jade Ransfield
129 Carlton Alison Downie
130 Fremantle Dana Hooker
131 Western Bulldogs Jess Gardner
132 Collingwood Christina Bernardi
133 Adelaide Justine Mules
134 Melbourne Sarah Lampard
135 Melbourne Jasmine Grierson
136 Adelaide Monique Hollick
137 Collingwood Ruby Schleicher
138 Western Bulldogs Kirsty Lamb
139 Fremantle Akec Makur Chuot
140 Carlton Laura Attard
141 Brisbane Brittany Gibson
142 Carlton Rebecca Privitelli
143 Western Bulldogs Laura Bailey
144 Collingwood Tara Morgan
145 Melbourne Sarah Jolly

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