Kenmore strengthens junior-senior ties

Kenmore is bringing its junior and senior players closer together.

Kenmore is working towards a more connected junior and senior footy club, with its annual Kenmore weekend.

The Bears seniors played at the junior base at Akuna Oval on June 2, in a bid to bring the two clubs closer together.

It was the second annual weekend of its kind for the Bears, and junior president Tony Rooks, said it was a great success.

“It works really well,” Rooks said.

“There’s an awful lot of Kenmore juniors who go through to Kenmore seniors and they love coming back to Akuna oval.”

“It’s great for the club just so everyone knows about it, gets into it and gets involved and watches different matches.”

Rooks said creating a greater familiarity between the club’s junior and senior players was a really important way to retain players.

“From the club point of view, we’re trying to make sure the seniors and juniors are more comfy with each other,” he said.

“It’s a great way for juniors to see where you can go to, after junior footy.

Kenmore players from Auskick to seniors were a part of the weekend, with the under-6s and under-8s playing at half time in the seniors match.

The club helps foster the relationships between the youth and senior Bears, with seniors training with the 16s a number of times a year, to increase their familiarity with one another and ease the transition between junior and senior footy.

“It gives the kids someone that they know. They don’t have to go to a brand new club , they can go to a club that is already connected with in the juniors,” Rooks said.

Rooks hopes the event will become a cornerstone of the Bears’ calendar in years to come.

It’s been a big fortnight for Kenmore, with the club also becoming the first Queensland club to qualify for A fox Footy reward.

The Bears received 15 training Sherrins after reaching the level 1 Reward, with the footballs presented by former Fitzroy and Brisbane player, Alastair Lynch.

The Fox Footy Rewards program, provides prizes to registered clubs with Foxtel subscribers.

For more information on this program, check out the Fox Footy website.

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