Jaenke-Cain’s consistency reaps rewards

By Alex Suchocki

Western Magpies, Ben Jaenke-Cain has earned himself the Round 16 Syd Guildford nomination after his combative performance on the weekend against Broadbeach.

Western Magpies coach, Glenn Humphrey’s had a lot to say about the hard-bodied midfielder.

“Ben displayed a dominant performance by far,” Humphrey’s said.

He was a prolific ball-getter as well as his instrumental use of the ball in the opening stage.”

Jaenke-Cain got his team going early on in the piece, with this in and under clearance work. The Magpies lead Broadbeach 54-10 at the end of the first term.

Humphrey’s spoke very highly of Jaenke-Cain’s attitude in particular when the Magpies suffered an injury woe early on and Ben stood up.

“We lost a rotation early and Jaenke-Cain stuck his hand up to stay on the ground. I think he came off the ground once the entire game,” he said.

Humphrey joked he lost countof Jaenke-Cain’s touches after he hit 40 by three-quarter time.

After racking up a seasons best, he will need to be checked for leather poisoning.

“When he gets the footy, we generally play well,” he said.

“Ben would have finished on 50 for the game.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get the Magpies over the line, with strong-finishers, Broadbeach, snatching the game in a goal for goal final quarter.

Jaenke-Cain has been a shining-light and strong contributor for the magpies in a seesawing year, among the best in almost every game he has played.

Having only slotted four goals, it is his first-class delivery of the footy to his forwards that has certainly stood out.

Furthermore, it is Jaenke-Cain’s second and third efforts that have been a real attribute to his game.

Humphrey said Jaenke Cain’s influence had certainly not gone unnoticed by opponents through the year.

“He’s been getting tagged so we have put things in place to open a passage for him.”

Jaenke-Cain’s performance against the Cats continued a consistent season.

The Magpies will be looking to finish their season off with a high, as they face Labrador and Morningside in the final fortnight.

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