It’s an exciting time for junior umpiring in Queensland.

AFL Queensland has today launched the adaption and re-brand of the Junior Football Umpire Program, colloquially in the past known as JFUP, will create more opportunities for club umpires who officiate the “Footy4Fun” age group.

Along with the alignment of the strong brand in the “Footy4Fun” competition, the change of name for in the umpiring space promotes that this foundation level is fun and educational.

AFL Queensland Community Development Umpire Manager, Haydn O’Connor, said a program such as this provides more education for all involved in this level of competition and will hopefully keep umpires in the game on a structured pathway.

In 2020 and beyond, there will be up to six opportunities for the umpire to be being educated, up from two previously. As a result, this will help players in their education in the laws of the game and coaches being able to build relationships with the umpires, both key stakeholders in our industry.

Ultimately, we aim for all umpires to develop better skills at this foundation level, with the forecast to transition these officials into youth and senior systems in the Queensland umpiring space and address the state & national issue of recruitment and retention.

Umpire4Fun will commence across Queensland in mid-March, to register today visit here 

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