Injune State School experiences football through Sporting Schools Program

AFL Queensland has been working in conjunction with the Sporting Schools program to provide access and opportunity to schools in far reaching parts of Queensland.

Darling Downs Regional Manager, Jeff Neumann, made the trip to Injune State School to run a Learn AFL program.

In total, almost 90 school kids had the opportunity to experience Australian Rules football for the first time.

Neumann travelled over 441 kilometres north-west from the AFL Queensland Darling Downs headquarters in Toowoomba to visit the school on a two-day expedition in term 2.

Across both days, Neumann was accompanied by Brisbane Lions Mascot, Roy the Lion, who soon became a favourite among the 45 boys and 40 girls.

“The participating students loved playing Australian Rules football, even though they didn’t know all that much about it prior to the visit,” Jeff Neumann told

“After the visit, they wanted even more chances to play the sport. Seeing the enjoyment on the children’s faces made the long journey worth it.”

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