Important notice from BLK

Dear valued member of the AFLQ community

As you may have already been made aware, the recent Cyclone that hit Fiji has had a dramatic impact on our production factory, which is where your order is currently being processed. Some orders were due to arrive prior to this disaster but we had fallen behind due to a larger than expected influx of orders this pre-season. We had plans in place to be able to make up that delay very quickly, plans that were made redundant by the damage caused by the storm.

The greatest area of damage from this event was to the Fijian national power grid. After 3 days we had our emergency power generator up and running which has allowed limited production to restart. As more power is restored to the island, day by day, we are receiving more updates in relation to what orders are being completed and are doing our upmost to increase production capacity and complete orders promptly.

As seasons commence nationally, the pressure will increase as all clients seek assurances around their own orders; to ensure we can deliver to you, your support in alleviating that pressure will be appreciated. The key element for us is to know exactly what from your orders you require most urgently, when you need them and what impact will nondelivery have on your organisation. We are here to ensure that impact is minimised and will work with you on your contingencies to find the best solutions, given the extent of this issue.

As mentioned above, we are doing everything we possibly can to meet your deadlines, but appreciate your understanding in this difficult time.

Our Customer Experience team is on hand to take your call and will keep you updated on the progress of your order once more information becomes available. Please contact them on +61 7 5635 1900; to ensure we can deal with your inquiry as quickly as possible please make sure you have as much information regarding your order as possible at time of call.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated and we wish all clubs and organisations the best for the 2016

AFL season.


Richard Ward

QLD State Sales Manager



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