Gordon “Freckles” Phelan

Gordon_PhelanA standout centreline player of his time with Kedron and an automatic State team selection over a 13-year period before and after World War II. Exclusively known as ‘Freckles’, he started his football with a premiership in the ‘Past Pupils’ grade with the Wooloowin club in 1935. Wooloowin were to merge with Kedron, turning the Redlegs into a formidable rival to Windsor in the 1940s.

He represented Queensland as a 17-year-old in 1938 and was Queensland’s best State player in 1946. A superbly skilled left-footer, he also had an astonishing vertical leap and was renowned for his freakish marking ability. Chose Australian Football over rugby league and is regarded by many as Kedron’s greatest ever player.

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