Grant to help community clubs

Travel is going to become a little bit easier for some of Queensland’s community clubs.

Travel will become that little bit easier for some of Queensland’s community clubs, with the distribution of a Queensland government grant.

The Allied Pickfords Cup and SEQAFL Division 2 clubs all received a pack for away teams to use when travelling, after receiving the $24,000 grant last month, from the Queensland Community Benefit Fund, distributed among the clubs last month.

These packs included an ice bath, drink bottles, a massage table and a portable water container and mean clubs will not have to load up the vans every time they travel.

Mayne president, Russell Ditchburn, who was one of the drivers behind the grant application, said it would be a great boost for clubs to have this brand new equipment.

“It’s always great to have new stuff and some of these items, it’s all about health and hygiene,” he said.

“Anything we don’t have to find the money for ourselves is a benefit to the bottom line and it means we can do something else with the money we do have.”

Ditchburn said the grant was a collaborative effort and would benefit all the recipient clubs.

“The collaborative approach to the application and being able to have that grant formulated and lodged centrally for the benefit of all the clubs is great,” he said.

“We all struggle for the right resources to put grant applications, so it was great to work together.”

AFL Queensland Community Football Manager, Cherie Brockwell, said it was a major boost to be able to give clubs a more professional edge.

“Clubs don’t always have the resources to be able to buy this equipment new, so to have it ready and waiting at every venue, saves them a lot of time and money,” she said.

“Clubs are run by volunteers, so anything we can do to take the load off them is incredibly valuable.”

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