Grand final day for Sunshine Coast Juniors

AFL Sunshine Coast Juniors celebrated their grand final day at Noosa yesterday.

There was plenty of skill and passion on show with the tightest match award going to the Under 12 Division 2 grand final which saw Pomona sneak home over Maroochydore Gold by just three points.

Congratulations to all the players, officials and volunteers for another fantastic year of Junior AFL action on the Sunshine Coast.

Grand Final Day results

Under 12 Division 1

Coolum Beach 17.13.115 def. Maroochydore Green 9.8.64

Best on Ground medallion: Tom Ansell (Coolum Beach)

Under 12 Division 2

Pomona 11.8.74 def. Maroochydore Gold 9.17.71

Best on Ground medallion: Zac Hennings (Pomona)

Under 14 Division 1

Maroochydore Green 8.9.57 def. Noosa 5.4.34

Best on Ground medallion: Brodi Finn (Maroochydore Green)

Under 14 Division 2

Pomona 11.8.74 def. Kawana Park  1.3.9

Best on Ground medallion: Cody Burdon (Pomona)

Under 16 Division 1

Caloundra 15.10.100 def. Maroochydore 11.9.75

Best on Ground medallion: Jamen Warren (Caloundra)

Under 16 Division 2

Nambour & Hinterland 19.15.129 def. Maroochydore 8.8.56

Best on Ground Medallion: Lochie Laing (Nambour & Hinterland)

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