Future leaders inspired by SUNS

Some of Logan’s future leaders gained a glimpse into the life of AFL footballers, at Yugumbir State School today.

As well as leading some skill sessions, six GC SUNS players – Steven May, Nathan Bock, Brandon Matera, Sean Lemmens, Jarrod Harbrow and Matthew Warnock – gave Yugumbir’s year 6 and 7 students an insight into their off-field habits.

Harbrow discussed the role of trust in creating strong leaders.

“You have guys with titles of vice captain and captain on-field, but you don’t have to have that to be considered as leaders,” he said.

“You mightn’t be the most vocal, leader, you might be good one on one and getting around your teammates or your classmates.

“It’s important to trust each other and have each others’ backs.”

Vice-captain, Bock,also said strong leadership was key to building a strong football club, particularly with the SUNS’ young list.

“Leadership is an important part of what we do, but also what you do in “everyday life.”

“It’s important to have strong leaders, especially in games, when you need good instructions and the coach isn’t there to help you out.”

Students quizzed the players on a range of topics, asking questions from what their favourite colours were – red, yellow and blue – to which players bench the most – Danny Stanley and Rory Thompson.

Yugumbir State School deputy principal, Lloyd Wills, said the visit was a rare opportunity for the kids to get up close and personal with elite athletes.

“These kids would never have the chance to meet these kinds of athletes,” he said.

“Now, they can go away and see these players on TV and be able to say ‘I kicked a footy with him’. That’s great.”

Wills said being able to host six players was a great privilege for the school.

“From the vice-captain to a newly drafted player, it’s amazing for these kids to be able to see so many players from different backgrounds and levels of experience.

The Gold Coast SUNS Community Camp runs today and tomorrow.

For the full camp schedule, http://www.goldcoastfc.com.au/season/special-events/gold-coast-suns-community-camp

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