Friday Forecast: Finals week 2

Semi Final 2
Labrador vs. Wilston Grange
Saturday September 12, 2:00pm – Cooke-Murphy Oval


Coach vs. Coach, the KPI’s

Steve Daniel: There’s no doubt that as flashy and skillful as Labrador like to be, Daniel will be looking for the basics to be done right tomorrow. It all starts with their contested work. He will want the Tigers to be at the bottom of every pack.

Matt Trewhella: Pressure. It’s what won them the game last time they played, and what won them the game last week. Trewhella will be looking for the Gorillas to be rampant in the heat they put the opposition under, with and without the ball.


Things to look for

  1. Proud’s influence off half-back: Proud didn’t play the last time these two met, so it will be interesting to see how if Labrador send someone to him. He is one of the best users of the football in the QAFL, which you will see if he is given space.
  1. The Burke tag: Liam Burke will go to either Kuret or Brittain in a shut down role from the opening bounce. Basically, they will be close enough to do the tango all afternoon. Last time it was Kuret early, and then Brittain after half time, but I just think it will be Brittain from the start this time. He will follow them everywhere, including to the bench.
  1. Hugh Campbell the defensive forward: He might not be the headlining act, but Campbell did a great job on Luke Scott last week, while winning the footy as well. He will make sure they can’t set up from the back half tomorrow while demanding the football.


Last time they met

Round 16 was the moment Wilston Grange really threw themselves into the premiership mix. They kicked five last quarter goals to one to beat Labrador by seven-points; the only team still in the hunt to do so this year.


What’s changed?

The center bounces will be unrecognisable. Bradie Foster was dominant last time with Labrador missing Hollis, but he is back this week. Baird and Clarke coming back into the Tigers team will also provide them with a lot more run than last time.

Proud’s inclusion into the Gorillas’ line up will be a game changer. The Gorillas are wheels and turning a lot more smoothly now than they were in round 16.


The ticking time bomb

This game’s ticking time bomb is Josh Fraser. If he gets off the chain, he will do some serious damage, and it could be lights out for the Gorillas. He’s the biggest barometer of tomorrow’s clash.


Tip: Labrador by 11


Coach’s thoughts:
Steve Daniel – Labrador

“We should have 4 changes from last time we played Wilston Grange. Adam Baird, Adam Clarke will line up in the midfield, Dyson Budarick is back from the SUNS NEAFL and State 18’s and Andy Hollis our ruckman is back.

“We believe preparation is one of the keys to success, as coaches we hope we have done all we can to help our team perform at its best on the weekend, the rest is up to the players.

“After the loss to Wilston Grange last time we spoke to the playing group in working out what went right and what went wrong.

“They were very impressive in the second half against the Magpies last week. Brittain, Kettle and Kuret were very impressive, as was Albert Proud of Half back.”


Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“Keeping things simple is the focus. Training was about using space, lengthening the space, and finding space.

“We did a fair bit of work on Tuesday to run the legs out, and then made last night as short and sharp as possible.

“It’s hard to replicate pressure at training, you’ve just got to make sure the players are comfortable with the ball in hand. On game day, we just hope that our pressure on them will do the talking.

“It’s hard to stop some of their players, you have to limit their influence. Last week we learnt it’s about sustaining the pressure the longest, and winning the most amounts of contests throughout the day. We have to win the one on ones.

“On the weekend was one of the best outputs we have had all year. I don’t think we played terrific against Labrador last time, and I don’t think they play that well either. It was more the case of two teams feeling each other out.

“The tempo and the physicality won’t be anything like that, it’s going to go up a notch.”


 Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.22.21 PM



Semi Final 1
Western Magpies vs. Morningside
Sunday September 13, 2:00pm – Leyshon Park, Yeronga


Coach vs. Coach, what they will look for

Glenn Humphrey: Contested football. It’s been the number one ticket item at Chelmer all year. It dropped off a bit in the second half last week, so they will be desperate to get that control back.

David Lake: Run. Morningside are at their best when they link up and run in waves. Yes, they have had to improve the contested stuff this year, but if they are winning their fair share of football, their run is the next chapter of this book.


Things to look for

  1. Luke Scott. Chopped Morningside up playing lose across half-back last time, and is as damaging as anyone in the competition when he gets it on his terms.
  1. Morningside’s big three: Kinch, Russ and Nash were all excellent last week. When they are up and about, they are impossible to put the brakes on because they spread the load so well. The Magpies can’t let them be an influence.
  1. Abey and Mueller vs. Lawrence and Hunt: When the ball is coming into the Morningside forward line, this will be the battle to watch. If one of these pairings can get on top, it will be a very, very big win in the grand scheme of things.


Last time they met

Round 10 seems like such a long time ago. This was the day the Magpies announced themselves on the QAFL stage, choking Morningside on their home deck. The Magpies got the job done by 20-points in the end to take over second spot on the ladder.


What’s changed?

Since then, Morningside have put a real focus on ramping up their contested prowess. It was somewhat of a turning point in terms of their outlook to how they went about it this year. Mueller will be a handy addition this week, changing the forward line dynamic

The Magpies have only grown in confidence this year since that Morningside win. It was the point where I think they all started to believe they are genuine contenders. It’s all rolled on from their.


The ticking time bomb

Nathan Kinch exploding like he did last week will be a huge factor in this game. If he can use the footy the way he did last week, and cover the meters he did last week, Morningside will be near on impossible to stop.


Tip: Panthers by 5


Coach’s thoughts:
Glenn Humphrey – Western Magpies

“It’s been a good week on the track considering how we ended up last week. We put that aside pretty quickly, moved on, and are preparing ourselves for a big game against Morningside.

“Our attitude after half time wasn’t as good as what theirs was, and we got what we deserved.

“There has been a massive change in attitude for this weekend, they know it’s all or nothing now.

“It will be about us controlling the ball as much as possible, especially around the stoppages, restricting their use, and stopping their runners.

“It’ll be won in the middle. Whoever has the most ball for the day is going to win the contest. I don’t think either half-back lines will set the tone for the day.

“The guys know that they have to step up. They saw intensity last week that they haven’t seen all year. They need to meet that this week.”


David Lake – Morningside

“We are a happy footy club again, there is grass on the ground, the nights aren’t as cold, the new footys are out, and there is a real buzz in the air.

“Getting away to a start is crucial. It’s the same words we spoke about last week though; energy, intensity and enthusiasm. If you can’t get up this time of year, you are going to battle.

“Broadbeach were very hard nosed last week, which I’ve always thought. We are enjoying contested footy at the moment, which we haven’t always done at times this year. That’s going to be a big part of the game.

“We love Yeronga. It’s got good width, we run well. You’d think Yeronga would suit the Magpies because they like to play wide.

“We will have to be good because they love to use the whole ground, they use the outside very well.

“Their stoppage work is second only to Grange in the competition so we will have to be good their.”



Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 12.22.06 PM

By Andrew Wiles@andrewjwiles





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