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Queensland Junior & Youth Club Forms

Please note that not all forms and documents may be relevant/necessary for each competition. For any queries please contact your Competition Manager.

Youth Player Movement Summary

Attached is a summary of the 2024 player movement rules, and includes a brief of the following:

  • Restricted Players
  • Permitting Players from Other Clubs
  • Finals Eligibility

Age Dispensation Application

A player may apply for dispensation to play in a competition below their eligible age group, in accordance with the AFL National Age Dispensation Policy.

Minimum Age Dispensation Application

A player who is ineligble to participate in a Junior Football Competition due to their age, may apply for dispensation to play in an Under 8 Competition if they meet the criteria set in the dispensation application.

Playing Up Consent Form

A player who wishes to ‘play up’ more than 2 age groups offered at their Club will be required to complete a Playing Up Consent form.

Player De-Registration Form

A player may be de-registered providing they have played no more than three matches in the current season.

De-registration forms will be processed on the last working day of March, April, May and June and all refunds of the AFL Queensland Registration Fee (where applicable), will be disbursed directly on to the player’s registered/primary club.

Players will not be de-registered after 30th June. Clubs must reimburse the whole registration amount to the player and AFLQ will subsequently reimburse the  club with the registration fee, not the player.

FairPlay Voucher Process

Eligible Juniors may be entitled receive a $150 FairPlay voucher from the Queensland Government, to assist with 2023 registration fees. Successful applicants may enter the FairPlay code upon registration with their AFL SEQJ Club. Clubs should receive a copy of the FairPlay voucher, which they may claim via the Queensland Government website. 

The voucher will be attributed towards the Club registration fee (if the club fee is under $150, the remainder will be removed from the AFLQ League Fee). Where applicable, AFL Queensland will invoice clubs for the amount that is removed from the league fee.

Practice Match/Event Requests

Clubs are required to register and request all practice matches and events scheduled outside of regular season fixtures. Please ensure that this form is submitted at least 7 working days prior to the practice match or event. 

Officials Uniform Guide

Full list of match day roles and acceptable uniforms.

Forms are available to download, and should be returned to Competition Managers, via:

  1. Youth Player Movement Summary
  2. Age Dispensation Application
  3. Minimum Age Dispensation Application
  4. Playing Up Consent Form
  5. Player De-Registration Form
  6. Fair Play Voucher Process
  7. Practice Match/Event Requests
  8. Officials Uniform Guide
  9. Club Application for Licence Form
  10. U11 Mixed Restricted List Form
  11. Youth Restricted List Form



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