Flood relief for Jubilee Drive

The AFL field at Jubilee Drive, Palmwoods is fast becoming one of the best surfaces on the Sunshine Coast thanks to recent renovations.

Renovations have included field drainage, water supply and irrigation to keep the field hydrated over the Summer months in readiness for the AFL season.

The last two years has seen massive amounts of rainfall on the Sunshine Coast resulting in constant flooding of the Jubilee Drive Field, home of the Nambour and Hinterland Australian Football Club.

Since the beginning of 2011 the Nambour and Hinterland Blues have been implementing numerous strategies to counteract the effects of flooding to better facilitate the community demand for sport and recreation in the area.

Sport and Recreation Queensland have been significant contributors to the oval renovations with funding available through the State Government initiative Disaster Recovery Program.

The first half of the field drainage was completed in 2011 which was tested out in early 2012 when the flood waters again descended on the oval.

Club Chairman, Grant Vayro said that the surface quality after the 2012 floods was substantially different from where the drainage had been completed compared to the side of the field with no drainage.

“It was remarkable to see the field surface where the drainage had been installed compared to the other side,” Vayro said.

“Where the drainage had been completed you were able to walk on that surface less than a week after the floods with minimal impact, compared to the other side of the field which was still a mess two weeks after the flood water had subsided.

“As a Club we knew that for the longevity of the oval and the footy season that the remainder of the field drainage needed to be completed.”

Following the 2012 floods Sport and Recreation Queensland released further flood recovery funding that Nambour and Hinterland again applied for successfully to complete the remainder of the field works.

As the 2012 footy season drew to a close the excavators descended on Jubliee Drive to complete the remainder of the field drainage.

Two weeks later and the works were complete along with the added bonus of water supply and field irrigation thanks to Heritage Bank, Palmwoods Community Grants.

With the Community Grant, Nambour and Hinterland Blues were able to source a consistent water supply and hook up field irrigation ports around the oval.

The new irrigation system will provide relief for the field which dries out quickly in the last few months of the year.

Thank to the following organisations for their support and assistance in the field renovations: Sport and Recreation Queensland, Heritage Bank Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast Regional Council, AFL Queensland and  AFL Sunshine Coast Juniors.

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