The Brisbane Flames have won the 2010 Under 16 Youth Girls State Championships held in Cairns over the weekend.

The Brisbane Flames have won the 2010 Under 16 Youth Girls State Championships held in Cairns over the weekend.

With the competition increasing from 4 teams to 6 teams in 2010, this was one of the closest competitions in the 5 year history of the Championships.

Brisbane went through the competition undefeated but not without good pressure from locals the North Queensland Lions and also international entrants Papua New Guinea Kurukums.  Leading into the last day of competition North Qld and Brisbane were both undefeated and PNG following closely with a narrow 4 point loss to Nth Qld. 

Unfortunately for PNG, their 19 player tour party suffered a few injuries and left the team depleted and unable to challenge the inform Brisbane in the last game of the weekend going down 7.4.48 to 1.0.6.

In 2010, former team entrant South-East Queensland Flames was divided into a Brisbane and Sunshine coast team and also a Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Darling Downs team.  A combination of Mackay, Capricornia and Wide Bay regions made up the Central Coast Cobras whom under coach and AFL Qld Wide Bay Development Manager, Rob Searle performed solidly for their first time in the competition finishing 4th.

At the conclusion of the competition, an All-Stars team was named highlighting the most consistent and best players from each team.

Brisbane Flames           20 points
North Qld Lions             16 points
PNG Kurukums              12 points
Central Coast Cobras    8 points
Gold Coast/NR/DD        4 points

Cape York Crusaders     0 points


Emily Bates                  Brisbane

Jordan Zanchetta          Brisbane

Anna O’Keeffe              Brisbane

Annamieka Mole            Brisbane

Rosie Pyke                   Brisbane

Caitlin Collins                Brisbane

Jenni-Sue Hoepper        North Queensland

Amy-Lee Matthews        North Queensland

Norah Nona                   North Queensland

Jesse Jakubowski         North Queensland

Breanna Koenen            North Queensland

Jennifer Biage               PNG

Taiva Lavai                    PNG

Lorraine Gavuri              PNG

Joycelyn Tatsie             PNG

Megan Hunt                  Central Coast

Hannah Hillman             Central Coast

Sophie O’Toole             Central Coast

Erin McNamara              Gold Coast/NR/DD

Kailah Rogers               Gold Coast/NR/DD

Carmille Pearson           Cape York

Vera Gibuma                 Cape York




0.0.0-     3.6.24

Gold Coast Best Players:                               Erin McNamara, Naomi Simpson, Kailah Rogers

PNG Goal Kickers:                            Jennifer Biage (3)

PNG Best Players:                            Lorraine Gavuri, Jennifer Biage, Taiva Lavai, Florence Yap, Fiona Mavela, Vulaar Wartovo


7.6.48- 0.1.1

Brisbane Best Players:                   Jordan Zanchetta, Caitlin Collins, Kellie Mcdonaugh

Brisbane Goal Kickers:                   Emma Bell (2), Kellie McDonaugh (2), Charmaine de Wet, Anna O’Keeffe, Lyndelle Brooks

Cape York Best Players:                 Enid Jackonia, Sarah Tamwoy, Britiany Parry, Kathy Loban, Vera Gibuma, Rozonda Sam


1.1.7 – 6.4.40

Central Coast Best Players:          Sophie O’Toole, Sara Jane Bax, Beth Gapes, Raqueal Cox, Megan Hunt, Hannah Hillman

Central Coast Goal Kickers:          Hannah Hillman

North Qld Best Players:                 Breanna Koenen, Jesse Jakubowski, Amy-Lee Matthews, Jenni-Sue Hoepper

North Qld Goal Kickers:                 Meg Pullinger, Rachel Broad, Jesse Jakubowski



Cape York Best Players:                 Sarah Tamwoy, Telita Stewart, Camella Pearson, Vera Gibuma,Kathy Loban, Lizzy Gowa

Cape York Goal Kickers:                

Gold Coast Best Players:               April Rolphe, Emily Love, Rose Murray, Tiah Banham, Hannah  Simpson, Naimoi Simpson

Gold Coast Goal Kickers:               Tiah Barham (2), Roisin Marron, Keely McClelland, Emily Love (2)



3.7.25 – 4.5.29

PNG BEST PLAYERS:                        Taiva Lavai, Jennifer Biage, Stella Zimike, Joycelyn Tatsie, Lorraine Gavuri, Natalie Vutliu

PNG Goal Kickers:                            Jennifer Biage (3)

Nth Qld Best Players:                     Breanna Koenen, Meg Pullinger, Jenni-Sue Hoepper, Norah Nona

Nth Qld Goal Kickers:                     Meg Pullinger, Jenni-Sue Hoepper, Rachel Broad, Breanna Koenen


8.2.50 – 0.0.0

Brisbane Best Players;                   Annamieka  Mole, Kellie McDonaugh, Ashleigh Colenso

Brisbane Goal Kickers:                   Monica Allen (3), Caitlin Collins, Anna O’Keeffe, Kellie McDonaugh, Emma Dunn, Annamieka Mole

Central Coast Best Players;          Megan Hunt, Hannah Hillman, Sophie O’Toole, Rhianna Nelson, Sarah Jane Bax, Rhiannon Parsons

Gold Coast/NR/DD v Brisbane

1.0.6 – 7.8.50

Gold Coast/NR/DD Best Players:                               Erin McNamara, Kailah Rogers   

Gold Coast/NR/DD Goal Kickers:               Erin McNamara

Brisbane Best Players:                                   Renee King, Caitlin Collins, Annamieka Mole

Brisbane Goal Kickers:                                   Anna O’Keeffe (3), Monica Allen, Jamie Newton-Smith, Lyndelle Brooks

PNG v Central Coast

4.4.28- 2.5.17

PNG Best Players:                            Taiva Lavai, Jacqueline McDoa, Sylvia Emeck, Lorraine Gavuri, Vulaar Wartovo, Julie John

PNG Goal Kickers:                            Jacqueline McDoa (2), Augustine Rava, Natalie Vutliu

Central Coast Best Players:          Rhianna Nelson, Megan Hunt, Beth Gapes, Sophie O’Toole, Gabbi Worne, Sarah Jane Bax

Central Coast Goal Kickers:          Jade Gould, Ashleigh Gould

North Queensland v Cape York Crusaders

7.3.45 – 0.0.0

North Queensland Best Players:               Maddison Peeters, Elon Waigana, Brooke Schaperkotter, Andrina Lui, Jenni-Sue Hoepper

North Queensland Goal Kickers:               Andrina Lui, Maddison Peeters (3), Jenni-Sue Hoepper,  Elon Waigana, Meg Pullinger

Cape York Best Players:

Cape York Goal Kickers:


North Queensland v Brisbane

1.6.12 – 5.1.31

North Queensland Best Players:               Jenni-Sue Hoepper, Rachel Broad, Norah Nona, Amy-Lee Matthews, Breanna Koenen

North Queensland Goal Kickers:                               Maddison Peeters

Brisbane Best Players:                                   Jordan Zanchetta, Anna O’Keeffe, Caitlin Collins

Brisbane Goal Kickers:                                   Natasha Valentine, Monica Allen (2), Caitlin Collins, Anna O’Keeffe

Central Coast v Gold Coast/Northern River/Darling Downs

1.5.11 – 0.2.2

Central Coast Best Players:          Hannah Hillman, Gabby Mooney, Megan Hunt, Jessica Faithful, Rhiannon Parsons, Sophie O’Toole

Central Coast Goal Kickers:          Ashlee Gould

Gold Coast Best Players:               Kailah Rogers, Marnie McGorm, Erin McNamara, Zoe Lattanzi, Naomi Simpson, April Rolfe

Gold Coast Kickers:                        

PNG v Cape York

4.6.30 – 0.2.2

PNG Best Players:                            Jennifer Biage, Julie John, Lorraine Gavuri, Stella Zimike, Jacqueline McDoa, Taiva Lavai

PNG Goal Kickers:                            Jacqueline McDoa (3), Stella Zimike

Cape York Best Players:                

Cape York Goal Kickers:

Gold Coast/DD v North Qld

0.2.2 – 3.8.26

Gold Coast Best Players:                               Kailah Rogers, Erin McNamara, Marnie McGorm

Gold Coast Goal Kickers:

North Queensland Best Players:

North Queensland Goal Kickers:

Brisbane v PNG

7.4.46 – 1.0.6

Brisbane Best Players:                   Keira Houldsworth, Emily Bates, Danielle Silvester

Brisbane Goal Kickers:                   Brittany Nash, Jordan Zanchetta, Anna O’Keeffe, Keira Houldsworth, Caitlin Collins, Charmaine de Wet

PNG Best Players:                            Jennifer Biage, Lorraine Gavuri, Julie John, Jacqueline McDoa, Augustine Rava, Tavia Lavai,

PNG Goal Kickers:                            Jacqueline McDoa

Cape York v Central Coast

2.1.13 – 7.4.46

Cape York Best Players:

Cape York Goal Kickers:

Central Coast Best Players:          Taylor Cowie, Raqueal Cox, Gabby Mooney, Gabi Worner, Sophie O’Toole, Beth Gapes

Central Coast Goal Kickers:          Beth Gapes (3), Jade Gould, Raqueal Cox, Gabby Mooney, Gabi Worner

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