The Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames have won the 6th Under 16 Youth Girls AFL State Championships in a thrilling 2 point game over newcomers the Southern Stars.

The Southern Stars, made up of girls from the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Darling Downs got through the round games undefeated to come unstuck to a determined Flames side in the final yesterday in Cairns.

The Stars who came 5th in last year’s championships were definitely the surprise package with their good use of the ball and ferocious tackling.   Tia Scorgie scored the Stars only goal on the siren with Zoe Lattanzi, Isabelle Baldock, Grace Krautz and Kiera Carnegie all providing great support.  Keeley McClelland from the Southern Stars took out the Goal Kicking Award with 6 goals despite injuring her elbow in Saturday’s round games.  Naomi Simpson from the Stars was also awarded the Player of the Final.

Brisbane who lost to the southern Stars by 14 points in one of the round games were led by consistent performances from Hannah Sexton, Courtney Penn, Ashleigh Colenso and an injured captain Annamieka Mole to fall over the line on the siren with the Stars breathing down their neck.  Lyndelle Brooks also put in a great performance in defence after a mild concussion on the Friday.

In the 3rd v 4th play-off between Central Coast Cobras and NQ Fast T Shop Lions, Central Coast came out on top by 21 points to an injury depleted North Queensland team.   Central coast with girls from Mackay to Wide Bay performed well considering the lack of time training together as a team.  Lucy Thompson, Bethany Gapes, Megan Hunt, Emily Bell and Beth Wiliams-Holthouse all performed consistently throughout the tournament.  Megan Hunt was awarded the Player of the 3rd v 4th Final as well as the Player of the Tournament with 11 votes over Elisa King from NQ and Zoe Lattanzi from Southern Stars both finishing with 7 votes each.

NQ Fast T Shop Lions fought bravely throughout the championships under the experienced eye of All-Australian and Sunfire Captain Jo Butland.  The girls started the championships slowly but learnt quickly and eventually beat Cape York in a nail-biter by 4 points.   12 year old Elisha King was a stand out for North Qld as well as Rachel Broad, Hannah Brown, Shelby Peeters and Jess Bolden.

The WCCCA Trust Crusaders showed fantastic athleticism throughout the carnival and never stopped smiling or trying.  With some close games against all the teams, the Crusaders were unlucky not to have come away with a win.  Kathy Loban, Millie Stephen, Rowena Tabuai, Rene Atu and Sherita Pilot all performed well throughout the tournament.

An All-Stars team was announced at the conclusion of the Championships which represented the best players from each team.

Brisbane Flames

Hannah Sexton, Ashleigh Colenso, Maddie Protheroe, Annamieka Mole, Courtney Penn, Allana Crouch, Molly O’Dwyer, Michaela Teevan

Central Coast Cobras

Bethany Gapes, Hannah Davidson, Hannah Hillman, Megan Hunt

WCCCA Trust Crusaders

Kathy Loban, Millie Stephen

NQ Fast T Shop Lions

Elisha King, Hannah Brown

Southern Stars

Grace Krautz, Beth Pinchin, Zoe Lattanzi, Wendy Bristow, Jade Loch, Isabelle Baldock



Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames v WCCCA Trust Crusaders

6.7.43 def 2.2.14

Goal Kickers for Flames:         Protheroe (2), O’Brien, Kealy, Stewart, Brooks

Best Players for Flames:         Courtney Penn, Hannah Sexton, Annamieka Mole, Maddie Protheroe, Michaela Teevan, Laura Kealy

Goal Kickers for Crusaders:    Nona, Bond

Best Players for Crusaders:    Kathy Loban, Millie Stephen, Marsha Matthew, Rowena Tabuai, Rene Atu, Shandel Sam


Southern Stars v NQ Fast T Shop Lions

9.6.60 def 0.1.1

Goal Kickers for Stars:            Bristow (2), McClelland (3), Madeley, J Krautz

Best Players for Stars:            Zoe Lattanzi, Wendy Bristow

Best Players for NQ:               Elisha King, Hannah Brown, Courtney McLean, Jess Bolden, Cecilia McPherson, Katelyn Lucey


Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames v Southern Stars

1.5.11 def by 3.1.19

Goal Kickers for Flames:         Kelly

Best Players for Flames:         Hannah Sexton, Ashleigh Colenso, Kellie McDonaugh, Annamieka Mole, Michaela Teevan, Maddie Protheroe

Goal Kickers for Stars:            O’Connell, Madeley (2)


WCCCA Trust Crusaders v Central Coast Cobras

0.0.0 def by 5.6.36

Best Players for Crusaders:    Kathy Loban, Rowena Tabuai, Polly Matthews, Millie Stephen, Marsha Matthew, Rene Atu

Goal Kickers for Cobras:         Hunt, Davidson, Palmers, Gapes, Baldwin

Best Players for Cobras:         Megan Hunt, Hannah Hillman, Bethany Gapes, Anita Ovenden, Carley Beacham, Hannah Davidson


NQ Fast T Shop Lions v WCCCA Trust Crusaders

3.2.20 def 2.4.16

Goal Kickers for Lions:            Bond, Gibuma, Broad

Best Players for Lions:            Elisha King, Hannah Brown, Jess Bolden, Shelby Peeters, Rachel Broad, Tanisha Devene

Goal Kickers for Crusaders:    Kabuai, Bond

Best Players for Crusaders:    Polly Matthew, Sherita Pilot, Millie Stephen, Gena Bond, Shandle Sam, Litiana Tabui, Rowena Tabuai, Rene Atu


Central Coast Cobras v Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames

1.2.8 def by 3.4.22

Goal Kickers for Cobras:         Hunt

Best Players for Cobras:         Hannah Davidson, Hannah Hillman, Anita Ovenden, Bethany Gapes, Megan Hunt, Emily Bell

Goal Kickers for Flames:         Sexton, Brooks (2)

Best Players for Flames:         Maddie Protheroe, Michaela Teevan, Annamieka Mole, Courtney Penn, Ashleigh Colenso, Hannah Sexton


NQ Fast T Shop Lions v Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames

1.2.8 def by 4.4.28

Goal Kickers for Lions:            Bond

Best Players for Lions:            Elisha King, Tanisha Devene, Katelyn Lucey, Morgan Osbourne, Jess Bolden, Hannah Brown

Goal Kickers for Flames:         Stewart (2), Melican, Duncan

Best Players for Flames:         Ashleigh Colenso, Hannah Sexton, Alana Crouch, Courtney Penn, Michaela Teevan, Mimi Hoger


Central Coast Cobras v Southern Stars

2.0.12 def by 13.2.80

Goal Kickers for Cobras:         Wegner, Davidson

Goal Kickers for Stars:            McClelland (3), Loch (3), Scorgie (2), Ranford, Madeley, Carter, O’Connell, Bristow


WCCCA Trust Crusaders v Southern Stars

0.0.0 def by 2.5.17

Best Players for Crusaders:    Sherita Pilot, Kathy Loban, Millie Stephen, Litiana Tabua, Kelam Nona, Rowena Tabuai, Rene Atu, Shandel Sam

Goal Kickers for Stars:            Baldock, O’Connell

Best Players for Stars:            Molly O’Connell, Grace Krautz, Jamye Crampton, Isabelle Baldock


Central Coast Cobras v NQ Fast T Shop Lions

3.9.27 def 1.0.6

Goal Kickers for Cobras:         Williams Holthouse,  Richardson, Hunt 

Best Players for Cobras:         Lucy Thompson, Bethany Gapes, Emily Bell, Beth Williams-Holthouse, Megan Hunt, Rhianna Nelson

Goal Kickers for Lions:            Hobson

Best Players for Lions:            Rachel Broad, Courtney McLean, Elisha King, Luana Healy, Shelby Peeters, Katelyn Lucey


1ST v 2nd  Southern Stars v Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Flames

1.1.7 def by 1.3.9

Goal kickers for Stars:             Scorgie

Best Players for Stars:             Zoe Lattanzi, Isabelle Baldock, Grace Krautz, Kiera Carnegie

Goal Kickers for Flames:         Brooks

3rd v 4th Central Coast Cobras v NQ Fast T Shop Lions

6.3.39 def 2.5.17

Goal Kickers for NQ:               Banu, Healy

Best Players for NQ:               Elisha King, Hannah Brown, Luana Healy, Katelyn Lucey, Morgan Osbourne, Caroline Brim-Hudson

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