Synthetic Turf Program

AFL/Cricket Australia Synthetic Turf Program


In 2007 the AFL, along with Cricket Australia, Sport & Recreation Victoria and JLT Trustees, commissioned the University of Ballarat to determine whether specific criteria could be developed for the use of synthetic grass in football and cricket. The University of Ballarat developed a set of criteria that would enable synthetic turf to mimic the performance characteristics of natural turf.

Since the development of the standards the AFL and Cricket Australia has established a licensing program to that ensures the quality of products being manufactured from a performance and longevity perspective and that the products comply with safety and insurance requirements.

Click HERE for a link to a brochure outlining the AFL/Cricket Australia Synthetic Turf Program.

Recent Installations

Several AFL/Cricket Australia accredited synthetic ovals have been installed to date in Melbourne and Sydney. Wadhurst Oval at Melbourne Grammar School (pictured below) and Australia’s first full size synthetic oval at Saltwater Reserve, Point Cook, has proven that the technology is viable for enhancing oval capacities at high-traffic facilities.


For more information on the AFL/Cricket Australia Synthetic Turf Program please contact Mr Ricky Bell, the Executive Officer of the program on 03 8341 6085 or email

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