Everything’s Sunny at Caloundra Auskick

Caloundra City NAB AFL Auskick may only be one of the smaller Auskick centres on the Coast but numbers are not everything according to Trainee Development Officer, Sheldon Judd.

Every Friday afternoon, Caloundra City students race down to the oval with enthusiasm and joy written all over their faces.

“It is such a great way to end the week with these kids, because every kid just loves every activity we do,” Judd said.

“Coming to Caloundra City is just a laugh and you know that you do not need to crack the whip with any kids.”

With the majority of the students being male you would think that the one female would feel intimidated, but not young prep student Ciera Osborne who has quickly become a favourite with the team. 

“She is so funny and loves her footy and she will do anything in her power to upstage the boys in anything she does,” Judd said.

Ciera has been involved in Auskick before and is really enjoying her time this term with ‘Juddy’ and the AFL Sunshine Coast crew.

“I like Auskick because it is fun and you play really fun games,” Ciera said.

“My favourite game is mad eagle because you can’t laugh or do anything and have to breathe really slowly and quietly.”

After the first session with the tackle bag otherwise known as ‘Buddy’ Ciera was quick to mark tackling Buddy as her favourite Auskick skill session.

“I like tackling Buddy, it is fun to hit him and you get to learn how to tackle,” she said.

The parents at the centre are very helpful as well with many volunteers and support with games and drills.

“It is great to see we have so many parents willing to give a hand and it is a credit to all of them because the kids love having their parents involved,” Judd said.

Auskick is running better than ever and the kids at Caloundra City are looking forward to playing a full game against the parents in a few weeks time.

Sunshine Coast Development Officer, Dayne Frew is very pleased to hear that the children are loving their time at Caloundra City Auskick.

“It is great to hear such positive feedback from this centre and I am happy that Juddy enjoys it as well,” Frew said.

“He looks forward to it every week and it is great to have motivated staff across the board that are keen to get out amongst the centres and really get to know the participants.”

 For more information about Auskick Centres in your area head to www.aflauskick.com.au

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