Every SEQ Youth Football Grand Final will be live streamed!

AFL Queensland is excited to announce that every SEQ Youth Grand Final across all three venues this weekend will be live streamed!


Field 1 Kawana

Field 2 Kawana



Field 1 – Friday 3 September https://youtu.be/7e4BE6OfmjM

 Field 1 – Sunday 5 September https://youtu.be/I-qRRAbjk9s

Field 2 – Sunday 5 September https://youtu.be/-uuWM17Fel0



Both Ovals and All Matches – Games will appear in the following article shortly before they start.

Sunday 5 September: https://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/sport/watch-live-sunday-day-3-afl-seq-youth-club-footy-finals/news-story/909313bbcfdeb31b3fc8bc7ef0d00232

Saturday 4 September: https://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/sport/watch-live-today-day-2-afl-seq-junior-club-footy-finals/news-story/3910c3203914ac3a8ddfa863b7ed2ffb 

Friday 3 September: https://www.couriermail.com.au/questnews/sport/afl-seq-junior-club-footy-finals-livestream-bonanza-features-24-junior-grand-finals-on-friday-saturday-and-sunday/news-story/2559dccf3c30f7f523347f2c2beaaf84

Yeronga again will be filmed by the Courier Mail.  We are pleased to continue this relationship in 2021, as without their support we simply would not have the capability to stream any games at all. With Yeronga hosting more than half the games, the cost of having a user subscription-based platform (only $4 for a month) allows for anyone to be able to watch the games without any costs being passed on to the Clubs or participants.  We hope that Clubs can pass on this rationale to members and their families, as we believe having all 44 matches live streamed is a terrific outcome.


Picture credit: Kedron Lions Junior Instagram

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