Day 1 – Nth QLD U16 Championships

Results from Day 1 of the North Queensland Under 16 Championships at Airlie Beach

Townsville v Capricornia

Townsville 8.1.49 defeated Capricornia 4.6.30

Townsville goals: Reilly guest 3,jack Campbell , Jack Growden 3,Mathew Davey

Best players: Joel Newman, jack Growden,Riley heaver, René LeFeuvre, Tim Jaundrell.

Capricornia goals: Tom Grainger , Josh Brown, Jarred May,Corey Murphy

Best Players: Josh Brown, Zac Lynam, Kale Oxenham, Jack Cowling.

Mackay v Cairns

Mackay 3.8.26 defeated Cairns 3.6.24

Mackay goal kickers: Cody Filewood 2, Nick kempe

Best players:Cody Filewood, Jordan Harding, Dieter stephens,Sean Nicholson,Eli Gunders.

Cairns goal kickers: Joshua Wilson 2,Mitch bohm.

Best players: Cuan Fraser, Jack Bowes, Joel Karwan, Braiden Buyong, josh Wilson, Angus o,Sughre

Capricornia v Crusaders

Crusaders 8.3.51 defeated Capricornia 5.3.33

Capricornia goal kickers: Jarred May, Jarred Haynes 2, Josh Brown 2

Best Players: Josh Brown, Riley Raven, Kale Oxenham, Tom Grainger

Crusaders goal kickers: Nathaniel Tamwoy, Glendon Woosup 5,Belano Lui

Malachi Songoro.

Best players: Malachi Songoro, Glen Woosup, Diddy Blakett, Ezra Charlie, Buddy Bond, Jordan Tokalkin

Townsville v Cairns

Cairns 3.8.26 to Townsville 1.2.8

Cairns goal kickers: Joel Karwan, Cuan Fraser, Heath Molloy.

Best Players: Joel Karwan, Jack Bowes, Daniel Charlesworth, Cuan Fraser, Angus O,Sughrue,Heath Molloy, Denzel Cooper

Townsville goal kickers: Jack Growden

Best players: Joel Newman, S amuel Palmer, Jack Growden, Tim Jaundrell.

Mackay v Capricornia

Mackay 8.4.52 defeated Capricornia 4.2 .26

Mackay goal kickers: Mat Oakford2, Dieter Stephens2, Bo Saunders, Angus Johnston, Jordan Harding, Cody Filewood

Best players: Mathew Oakford, Sean Nicholson,Cody Filewood, Dieter Stephens, Liam Porter

Capricornia goal kickers: Jarred Hanye, Josh Redsell, Ben Dempsey Junior, Zac Lynam

Best players: Corey Murphy, Zac Lynam, Sean Mcdonaugh, Josh Redsell, Riley Raven

Townsville v Crusaders

Crusaders 6.3.39 defeated Townsville 5.3.33

Crusaders goal kickers : Belano Lui 2, Glendon Woosup 2, Jordan Tokalkin,

Nathaniel Tamwoy

Best Players: Not available

Townsville goal kickers : David Renderos , Riley Guest 2,Joel Newman, Kyle Madsen.

Best players: Sam Palmer, Micah Fitzsimmons, Luke Foster, Tim Jaundrell, Reilly Guest

Four matches will be played on Day 2

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