Saturday 19 March 2011

Broadbeach have won their first silverware in 15 seasons at State League level by taking home the Club Aid Trophy.

The Cats scratched out a two-point win over last year’s QAFL grand finalists Labrador in tough conditions at Cooke-Murphy Oval, before easily accounting for a Gold Coast Scorpions side to remain undefeated in the two-week lightning carnival.

Broadbeach kicked the biggest score of the tournament, 10.6 (66), in beating the Scorpions No.1 side last week and then drew with the Gold Coast Suns Reserves in a high class encounter.

They were the only team to go through four matches unbeaten, with the Suns opting out of the second week of competition to allow their players to the weekend off with the general AFL bye.

The Brisbane Lions Reserves did field a team, although with only six listed players they were hammered by Aspley at Graham Road and were beaten by the Brisbane Scorpions.

Broadbeach’s effort will give the Cats plenty of heart, especially considering they beat Labrador today without big guns Rhan Hooper and Jason Eagle.

The only concern is that Eagle has played just half an intraclub trial going into the NEAFL premiership season, which the Cats begin in a fortnight’s time against heavyweights Southport.

The Cats led by eight points at halftime and conceded the first two goals after the break, before hitting back with two of their own.

Matt Fife was outstanding for the winners.

Southport looked much better this week, beating Redland by 12 points in their biggest test of the day.

While the Bombers were without triple club champion Phil Carse and Travis Johnstone, the Sharks booted the last two goals late in the second half to break apart what had been a tight contest.

Gun forward Cleve Hughes had hit first hit-out, although the wet conditions did not suit the big forwards.

Further north, the standout side at Graham Road was Morningside, who blitzed Mt Gravatt in their first game and then smacked a Brisbane Scorpions side next up.

Veteran David Lillico was in sublime touch after missing most of last season, while Paul Shelton was also prominent in the midfield.

Mayne recruit Caleb Brown was again prominent against the Vultures, while youngster Luke Edwards did some good things in his place at centre-half-back in the second.

Results Week 2:

At Cooke-Murphy Oval

GC Scorpions 2: 1.1, 1.2.8

Labrador: 4.2, 9.3.57

Goals GC Scorpions 2: J Wardle

Goals Labrador: F Sleeth 4, J Cavanagh, N Stockdale, R White, J Howard, R Davey.

Best GC Scorpions 2: M Hopkins, J Wardle, H Joyce, B Haberfield

Best Labrador: A Withers, F Sleeth, M Gugliotta, J Cavanagh.

Broadbeach: 2.4, 4.4.28

Labrador: 1.2, 4.2.26

Goals Broadbeach: S Lindeblad, N Scott, N Lyons, M Cooke.

Goals Labrador: J Howard 2, F Sleeth, R Davey.

Best Broadbeach: M Brewer, N Lyons, R Pantic, M Fife.

Best Labrador: M Gugliotta, S Paterson, J Howard, M Talbot.

Broadbeach: 4.6, 6.11.47

GC Scorpions 2: 0.1, 0.2.2

Goals Broadbeach: A McKenzie, M Scott, A Rolfe, D Zorko, N Lyons, K Emery,

Best Broadbeach: M Curtis, M Fife, A Rolfe, R Pantic.

Best GC Scorpions 2: F Thurlow, R Court, B Haberfield, H Joyce.

Redland: 4.5, 7.9.51

GC Scorpions 1: 0.0, 0.1.1

Goals Redland: J Charlesworth 3, T Manzone, J McDonald, N Congoo, B Weightman.

Best Redland: B Rees, B Weightman, N Congoo, T Manzone.

Best GC Scorpions 1: J Skennar, T Davidson, C Manning, J Kolka.

Redland: 0.0, 2.2.14

Southport: 2.2, 4.2.26

Goals Redland: B Weightman 2.

Goals Southport: G Screech, D Putt, M Wise, J Malone

Best Redland: A Mueller, S Godfrey, J Myers, J Hackett

Best Southport: D O’Brien, D Putt, J Malone, B Davis.

Southport: 2.3, 4.6.30

GC Scorpions 1: 0.2, 0.2.2

Goals Southport: J Searle 2, H Browne, B Merrett

Best Southport: B Davis, L Wilson, D Grant, D Weymouth.

Best GC Scorpions 1: L Dempsey-Ceh, T Davidson, D Payne, R Maetem.

At Graham Road

Brisbane Scorpions 1: 0.1, 1.1.7

Mt Gravatt: 2.2, 4.4.28

Goals B Scorpions 1: J Starcevich

Goals Mt Gravatt: L Scott, E Reading, A Evans, M Hamill.

Best B Scorpions 1: B Coleman-Broome, J Wagner, L Russ, A Oxley.

Best Mt Gravatt: A Evans, L Scott, M Hamill, E Reading.

Morningside: 4.3, 6.6.42

Mt Gravatt: 1.2, 2.5.17

Goals Morningside: S Mugavin 3, K Abey 2, T Upton.

Goals Mt Gravatt: A Proud, N Gilliland.

Best Morningside: J Lawler, T Bell, S Brown, L Ferguson.

Best Mt Gravatt: N Gilliland, A Proud, M Hamill, J Vearing.

Morningside: 4.2, 8.5.53

Brisbane Scorpions 1: 0.1, 0.2.2

Goals Morningside: J Thomlinson 3, A Lucy, J Brown, K Abey, A Spackman, P Shelton

Best Morningside: P Shelton D Lillico, N Clark, D Bonney.

Best B Scorpions 1: P Yagmoor, B Coleman-Broome, N Davidson, C Cameron.

Aspley: 5.2, 8.4.52

Brisbane Lions: 0.1, 0.2.2

Goals Aspley: J Brain 2, S Stavenuiter, R Toye, J Sheahan, T Falconer, A Hughes, B Backwell.

Best Aspley: M Buchanan, J Sheahan, B Backwell, M Davis

Best Brisbane Lions: N McKeever, J Dyson, R Harwood, T Flynn.

Brisbane Scorpions 2: 3.4.22

Brisbane Lions: 2.0.12

Goals Brisbane Scorpions 2: S Henry, S Crook, D Brown.

Goals Brisbane Lions: J Dyson, A Cornelius

Best Brisbane Scorpions 2: D Brown, J Allen, T Colburn, L Reynolds

Best Brisbane Lions: R Harwood, N McKeever, J Dyson, B Harvey.

Aspley: 9.7.61

Brisbane Scorpions 2: 1.0.6

Goals Aspley: M Buchanan 2, J Sheahan 2, A Hughes 2, R Toye, S Stavenuiter, T Falconer.

Goals Brisbane Scorpions 2: N Upton.

Best Aspley: M Buchanan, M Shir, J Sheahan, M Davis.

Best Brisbane Scorpions 2: D Brown, J Allen, S Crook, N Upton.

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