Brisbane Lions lead the way

By Kate Rawlins

Brisbane Lions players Jonathan Brown, Stefin Martin, Marco Paparone and Sam Mayes thrilled students at St Edwards the Confessor and Calvary Christian College when they dropped by to host Auskick and Lion Hearted Leaders programs.

The Lion Hearted Leaders program teaches primary school students about the values of mateship and inclusion within schools and the wider community.

Brendan Gillespie, an AFL Ambassador at St Edwards the Confessor, said the presentation at the school was very rewarding for students.

“Opportunities like this are invaluable,” said Gillespie.

“We were so fortunate to have four players of varying experiences – both in life and football careers – share their leadership experiences with the year 6 and 7 students.”

AFLQ Development Coordinator Daniel Almond said the Auskick presentation by the Lions players at Calvary Christian College was great.

“Browny utilized his great leadership skills with using the younger players Sam Mayes and Marco Paparone for a footy trick and handball skill display,” Almond said.

“Whilst Stefin Martin showed how to mark the football with the Forklift, Zombie, and the kid’s favourite; the Superman mark.”

At the end of the program each Auskick participant was presented with their own Auskick backpack by Lions players and had their opportunity to get an autograph or two.

Lindsay Foster the PE Teacher at Calvary Christian College and an AFL Ambassador was wrapped with the player’s attendance and professionalism of running the Auskick program.

Brisbane Lions Fan Development Coordinator Adam Spackman, has been a driving force with booking in the program with our local schools.

“We saw huge success with the program last year around the schools that we visited, and it really is satisfying to see the enjoyment that the kids get out of it, and the leadership principles that we can see them putting into practice,” Spackman said.

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