Bond University QWAFL Round 14 Review

By Ant Wingard

University of Queensland                3.2,  3.3,  4.4,  6.8  (44)
Wilston Grange                          1.0,  2.2,  4.2,  4.2  (26)

GOALS, University of Queensland: M. Beaven 3, A. Moran 1, J. Childes 1, J. Maher 1. Wilston Grange: S. Wheeler 1, M. Peeters 1, J. Orr 1, I. Collings 1.

BEST, University of Queensland: D. Davidson , J. Childes, M. Beaven, E. Pericic, J. Maher, A. McNabb. Wilston Grange: E. Gerke, T. Moke, E. MacNeill, J. McMullin Matthews, S. Boniface, L. David.

The University of Queensland have stunned the Bond University QWAFL on Saturday evening by claiming a 24-point victory over the previously unbeaten Wilston Grange to keep the Red Lions’ finals hopes alive.

Prior to the contest, no side had even come close to usurping the Gorillas from their throne as the team in red, white and blue embarked on a demonstrative run across the opening 13 rounds. But against the Red Lions, Wilston Grange couldn’t find their mojo which saw them outscore all other six QWAFL teams by more than 200 points.

In their matchup three weeks ago, the Red Lions piled on three goals to one in the opening term but couldn’t sustain their lead. This time around, University of Queensland again booted three goals to one in the opening term and laid the foundation for the most unlikely of victories.

The away side managed just one more goal in the second and third terms and Wilston Grange, in the same vein as much of their 2018 season to date, willed themselves back into the contest. Goals to Indiah Collings and Jasmine Orr rescued the lead to just two points at the final break.

But with their season teetering on an edge, the Red Lions produced perhaps their best and most important quarter for the season. Two early goals by way of Jess Maher and Marley Bevan inside the first seven minutes extended the Red Lions’ lead, ensuring the side produced the biggest upset of the season to date.

Bond University                         1.3,  4.3,  4.3,  5.4  (34)
Coolangatta Tweed                       0.0,  1.2,  1.4,  1.6  (12)

GOALS, Bond University: K. Scherer 3, A. Berry 1, T. Perry 1. Coolangatta Tweed: T. Daly 1.

BEST, Bond University: T. Perry, K. Smith, K. Scherer, A. Evans, X. Cerutti, B. McLaughlin. Coolangatta Tweed: E. Peterson, J. Gomes, B. McFarlane, E. Hagan, M. Hay, A. Hamlyn.

In a weekend of upsets, Bond University caused one of their own with a dominant performance over rivals Coolangatta Tweed at home. Despite both sides missing several of their key players, the Bullsharks reignited their maiden QWAFL campaign with a season-defining 22-point win.

Ohio native, Katrina Scherer, in just her third game at QWAFL level, kicked an equal round high three goals in an eye-catching opening half. The Bullsharks established their win in an efficient first half; namely through Scherer who accounted for three-quarters of her team’s opening half majors.

The performance was an incredible turnaround from the two-side’s contest a fortnight ago in which the Bluebirds prevailed 30-point winners – a game in which the Bullsharks failed to register even a single major.

Bond University raced away in the opening term, kicking the game’s first goal and the side’s first in three weeks; taking a nine-point lead in the first break. A runaway second term saw the home side kicked three goals to one before the main break and established a comfortable 19-point lead ahead of the second half.

The Bullsharks continued to keep the third-placed Bluebirds at bay, rendering the side goalless for three quarters. One final major was added in the final term for Bond University – the cherry on top of what is a statement-making victory for the competition’s newest side.

Bond University remain in fifth place on the ladder following the win given the weekend’s other results but matchups with Maroochydore and Yeronga will test the side’s finals hopes.

Yeronga South Brisbane                  2.1,  2.2,  2.6,  4.9  (33)
Coorparoo                               1.3,  2.4,  3.4,  4.5  (29)

GOALS, Yeronga South Brisbane: J. Ransfield 2, J. Banks 1, C. McDonnell 1. Coorparoo: M. Protheroe 1, C. Davis 1, M. Ingram 1, S. Hurst 1.

BEST, Yeronga South Brisbane: E. Bliss, N. Thomas, D. Leach, C. Burnett, M. McGuiness, J. Banks. Coorparoo: M. Forbes, C. Edmunds, K. Parkes, R. Keith, A. Reynolds, K. Tyquin.

Yeronga South Brisbane have continued their Cinderella run toward the 2018 Bond University finals by claiming their second straight win; the team’s fifth of the season, in a gritty four-quarter performance against rivals Coorparoo.

The team’s slender four-point victory, won in a tense final term, ensured the club’s unlikely tenure in fourth spot remains stable for another week despite wins to Bond University and University of Queensland.

The Devils ran out to a four-point lead at the first break through majors to forward duo Courtney McDonnell and Jade Ransfield but the Kings, despite blooding a number of players from their QWFA Division 1 outfit, fired back across the second and third quarters.

Coorparoo nudged themselves ahead by two points at half time and by the time the siren sounded for the final change, it was extended back out to four points.

In her first goal of the season, Jade Banks found the goal face to put Yeronga in front for the first time since the second term.

Yeronga’s win was all but confirmed half-way through the quarter after Jade Ransfield found herself at the feet of a long McDonnell kick, roving a mass of players to snap truly and extend the Devils’ lead.

A showdown with Bond University next weekend looms as a season defining game for both clubs, especially given Yeronga will close out their home and away season against Wilston Grange.

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