Auskickers take over Townsville’s Strand

NAB AFL Auskickers from Saint Joseph’s Catholic College took over Townsville’s Strand Park last week in a much anticipated game against their parents.

The oval at Saint Joseph’s just wasn’t large enough to hold the big event.

 As one of Townsville’s great landmarks and an extremely popular attraction the Strand provided a perfect alternate venue and, fortunately for the kids at Saint Josephs, it is just a signed permission slip from mum or dad and a small walk away from their School.

In perfect conditions the kids of Saint Joseph’s took on the parents with great enjoyment and enthusiasm.

The kids came out firing and never looked back as they ran away with the game much to the dismay of Principal Patrick Dempsey, who lined up on the parents team.

He fought hard all day, but unfortunately his students were just too strong and tenacious for the “oldies”.

Principal Dempsey is a great AFL ambassador and together with the Saint Joseph’s community, did a fantastic job coordinating an event that entertained students, parents and Strand patrons.

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