Harry and Wes Maguire are footy loving twins from St Anthony’s, Kedron.

Both boys are die-hard Lions supporters and joined Auskick because it looked like fun.

Every week after school you’ll find Harry and Wes down at the school oval; kicking, handballing and marking their way towards dreams of becoming AFL superstars. 

Harry’s favourite Auskick game is ‘Across the Ocean’ and he and his mates at St Anthony’s have a pretty awesome time playing it.

If they make it across the ocean without being hit by cannonballs from the pirate ships attacking them, they all jump around singing “I didn’t get hit, I didn’t get hit.”

Brother Wes, on the other hand, is a traditionalist. He just loves to play games of footy.

For Wes, nothing beats the end of the session when the coach starts handing out bibs because that’s when he knows a game won’t be far away.

According to their mum, the Auskick program has more than lived up to the boys expectations.

“Harry and Wes have developed really good ball skills throughout the program and are really enjoying the fun”, she said.

 – Jorge Branco

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