Auskick ends on a high for Mango Hill SS

Christmas came early for Mango Hill State School courtesy of the NAB AFL Auskick program and a young student name Sophia.

As the winner of the Term 4 Auskick Competition, Sophia scored a half-day visit from Queensland Auskick Ambassador Dayne Zorko for her school.

The Brisbane Lions star spent the morning playing the students’ favourite Auskick games, including Bomb the Coach with Zorko as the target.

The day was extra special for Sophia, the prep student presented with swag of gifts including her own Little Miss Lions shirt that she was keen to wear as soon as possible.

NAB AFL Auskick Coordinator Emily Wastle said it was the perfect way to end the schools’ 2015 NAB AFL Auskick program.

“Over 40 Mango Hill SS students have participated in the Auskick program this year,” said Wastle.

“They have had an absolute ball learning the skills of Australian Football and to finish with a session lead by Dayne is something they will be talking about for a long time.”

Wastle said an important part of finishing the program is letting Auskickers and their parents know how they can continue their football journey.

“Volunteers from junior club, the North Lake Eels, came to the school to talk about continuing football in the local community,” she said.

“We want our boys and girls to know that Auskick is just the beginning, and that we have programs designed to cater for all ages, skills and abilities.”

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