Auskick Coordinator Champion!

Meet Tay from Jindalee Jags NAB AFL Auskick Program.

She is in her third year as an Auskick Coordinator and is doing an amazing job on the southside ensuring her Auskickers are enjoying themselves and learning about Aussie Rules! Thanks for all your hard work, Tay, you rock!

We had the opportunity to ask her a few questions regarding her program…


How many years in Auskick/club?

I’ve been with the Jags since I was playing youth footy back in 2012 when I was 16! Since then I’ve been playing and have coached the youth girls since 2016. I also took on the Auskick Co ordinator role in 2019. 

Why did you get involved in Auskick?

I used to work for AFLQ running the Auskick clinic in schools and absolutely love that as a job so when the opportunity came to me to take it over at my amazing club I jumped at the chance! I just love teaching the little tackers footy!

What is your favourite thing about Auskick?

My favourite thing about Auskick is just how much the kids love it! They have so much fun while learning out great sport and it’s so rewarding watching them grow as a coach and have them follow through into our club teams as they get older and develop as little players! I just love how much fun they have and that I get to be apart of it with them!

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