Monday, 6 September, 2010

Southport skipper Danny Wise grabbed a standalone piece of Queensland football history when he was named captain of the 2010 QAFL State League Team of the Year.

Wise, who led Queensland to a record-breaking win over Tasmania in June, is the only player to have won Team of the Year selection in each of the four years since its inception in 2007.

Taking over the Team of the Year captaincy from 2009 choice Jared Ilett of the Northern Territory, Wise was one of only five members of the 2009 QAFL honour team to hold their spot.

The others were Southport teammate Kurt Niklaus, Morningside’s Jacob Gough, NT’s Cameron Ilett and Redland’s Phil Carse.

Niklaus and Gough, QAFL Team of the Year picks in 2008 and 2009, completed a selection hat-trick, while four others completed a double – Morningside’s Damien Bonney (2007-10), Labrador’s Mat Clarke (2007-10), Redland’s Scott Clouston (2008-10) and Broadbeach’s Dayne Zorko (2008-10).

First-time inclusions in the 2010 Team of the Year were Labrador’s Steve Wrigley, Tim Notting and Jason Howard, Southport’s Darren Pfeiffer and Cleve Hughes, Morningside’s Aaron Rogers and Damien Bonney, Mt.Gravatt’s Adam Tarrant, Jake Furfaro and Dean Page, NT’s Brett Goodes and Zephi Skinner, Brisbane Lions’ Bryce Retzlaff and Claye Beams, and Aspley’s Matt Shir.

Minor premiers Labrador and Southport won four spots each, while Morningside, Mt.Gravatt and the NT grabbed three, the Lions and Redland two apiece, and Broadbeach and Aspley one. The Western Magpies were not represented.

Missing from the 2009 QAFL Team of the Year were Tom Rockliff (Brisbane Lions), Jordan Doering (Labrador), Nathan Gilliland, Andrew Scott (Mt.Gravatt), Ryan Holman, Jack Lawler, David Lillico, Paul Shelton (Morningside), Darren Ewing, Jared Ilett, Peter MacFarlane (NT), James Charlesworth, Jason Eagle, Justin Myers (Redland), Justin Kahlefeldt, Mark Lynch and Broc McCauley (Southport).

The 2010 QAFL State League Team of the Year is:-

B:  Steve Wrigley (Lab), Kurt Niklaus (Sp), Adam Tarrant (MtG);

HB: Jake Furfaro (MtG), Aaron Rogers (Ms), Brett Goodes (NT);

C: Mat Clarke (Lab), Damien Bonney (Ms), Darren Pfeiffer (Sp);

HF: Cameron Ilett (NT), Bryce Retzlaff (BL), Claye Beams (BL);

F: Dayne Zorko (Bb), Cleve Hughes (Sp), Tim Notting (Lab);

R: Jacob Gough (Ms), Danny Wise (Sp – capt), Phil Carse (Red);

INT: Scott Clouston (Red), Jason Howard (Lab), Dean Page (MtG), Matt Shir (Asp); Zephi Skinner (NT).

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