An Update on the Return to Play Roadmap for Community Football

To Our Queensland Football Community,

Recently we provided an update about the work underway to determine a roadmap for a return to community footy.

Our intention was to provide a more detailed outline at the end this month, following the release of a roadmap for the elite game.

Whilst we all want clarity around when the game will return to our fields, this area of work is constantly changing. The announcement by the Prime Minister yesterday that the National Cabinet will develop a guiding set of principles for sport at all levels, reinforces the extensive work we have been doing to refine our protocols and processes on how and when our seasons will commence.

Federal, State and Territory Governments have also indicated the possibility of easing of some restrictions by around mid-May, should the current low trend of transmission continue; and the National Cabinet has indicated that they will review restrictions at a meeting on May 10, provided the curve is still flattening and testing rates are increasing.

As a result of these developments and reviews, the timetable we will now work to has been revised.

In the week beginning May 11, there will be an announcement from the elite game with a proposed date for a resumption of training and return to play.  An update around timings for a resumption of activity at Community level, will be provided once the roadmap for the elite competition has been announced.

Pleasingly, Governments across Australia are well aware that it will be vital for local sport to resume and re-connect support networks that are currently stretched or not operating.

We continue to focus on being aligned with the advice of the Government and the relevant medical authorities and are ensuring everything we do protects the health and safety of our participants and wider community.

We thank you for your patience and ongoing collaboration as the planning continues to evolve, and we look forward to being able to provide a more robust update to you following the planned elite game announcement in the second week of May.

Our Supporters