Allied Pickfords Cup GF – The Mids

By Beth Newman


Midfielders get a lot of the glory in premiership sides, and generally it’s the battles in the middle that decide a match’s result.

Springwood and Palm Beach both have star-studded midfields, but which one will take it out?


Superstar: Albert Proud

Proudy strikes an intimidating figure on and off the field, and he brings so much value to any team he’s on. Proud has added an extra level of talent to the Pumas’ side this season, and he has an unmistakable aura on the field. Strong finishing skills means he can damage opposition in contested footy and when he has space. He’s gotten fitter as the year’s gone on and will no doubt play a key role in the Pumas’ flag push.

Under the Radar: Jake McGill

Jake McGill has been super-consistent for the Pumas this year, but has played in the shadow of guys like Proud and Mark Thompson. There’s no doubt that he has been prolific though, and he has developed into a pivotal member of the Pumas’ midfield brigade.

X-Factor: Greg Friis

Friis has been in top form for the Pumas this season, moving into the midfield as the year progressed. He attacks the footy strongly and is great in contested situations. Friis also has good decision-making skills and provides quality defensive run in the Pumas’ midfield.

Palm Beach

Superstar: Zane Murphy

The Duncanson-Todd medallist has been on fire in the back half of the 2013 season, especially. His hard-nosed attack on the football gives the Lions great service in the stoppages. Murphy’s performance is especially notable this season, given he had an injury-marred start to the year and was unable to complete a full pre-season.

Under the Radar: Ben Heffernan-Roper               

Heffernan-Roper has had a quieter season than in the past, but when he’s on song, he is an incredibly damaging player. His premiership experience will be crucial on Saturday.

X-Factor: Angus Munro

The captain was the steadier early in last weekend’s preliminary final, and he could be the game breaker for the Lions on the weekend. Playing off the half-back flank and through the midfield this season, he could provide the extra spark that makes the difference on Saturday.

Who wins it?

Springwood’s midfield has been the difference in almost every match they’ve played this season, while Palm Beach’s has lost some key battles, the qualifying final against the Magpies.

The Pumas are hard two-way runners and sensational in the stoppages. If they can win the contested footy, their midfield will know exactly how to do it.

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