A thank you to our volunteers

You might not kick the goal, you might not take the screamer, you might not be the timely fist on the last line of defence, but without you, that doesn’t happen.

Without you, a Nick Reiwoldt wouldn’t have anywhere to start all those years ago, or the latest Auskick graduate wouldn’t have a club to play his first game of junior footy at.

You’re the people who make it tick, you’re the lifeblood of football clubs and leagues around the state.

You turn the lights on at training, fill up the water bottles, staff the canteen, run the messages, wash the jumpers, strap the ankles, give the high five of encouragement and the words of advice… rain hail or shine.

And then the next week you get up and do it all again.

It’s not always the most glorious job; you sometimes don’t get the recognition you deserve, but often you’re the first to get there and the last to leave.

And you do it all without ever asking for something back.

We are here to say that we appreciate what you do. Every single thing.

This game, our game, would be nowhere near as healthy as it is without the hours you put in.

Rest assured, you are leaving a legacy at your club, every single one of you.

From AFL Queensland, we say thanks. We hope you love it as much we do.

By Andrew Wiles

Our Supporters