QAFL Wrap: Round 17

Morningside 1.5,  4.7,  10.9,  16.10  (106)
Western Magpies 1.4,  3.8,  4.10,  5.16  (46)

Full recap:

You can’t keep a good man down.

Morningside are back in the five, and back in the hunt thanks to one of their best performances since the early rounds of the year. .

Only a mother could love the first quarter. It was scrappy, it was defensive, and both teams were nervous.

The second started to open up a little, but it still wasn’t what we have come to expect with these two teams.

The Magpies forward press was restricting the Panthers scoring ability, but it also meant they were lacking options on the second or third kick out of defence.

At half time, it looked like 10 goals would win it.

But that changed very quickly in the second half.

Whatever Matt Walder said at half time worked.

It was like watching a different game. The Panthers were getting out the back, and most importantly, scoring from opposition turnovers with ease.

A five-point half time lead was blown out to 34-points at the last break. The Magpies were made to look second rate.

Kinch, Evans and Nash were carving them up in the middle, and McDonald was lively in front of goal.

The Panthers quickly put to bed any chance of a Magpies revival with the first two goals of the last, in a 12-goal to two second half.

They were home.

For the Magpies, Pershouse was very good down back, and Mitchell battled through a foot niggle all day.

If Morningside beat Sandgate next week, they can’t miss the finals. No one will want to play them.

It was a dirty day for the Magpies. Nothing went right from the start. They need to shake it off and bonce back. If they lose next week, their season is done.

Coaches thoughts:
Matt Walder – Morningside

Nathan Clarke – Western Magpies

“I think our boys worry about playing Morningside a bit.

“The one thing that worried us was fearing to make a mistake. In the last eight weeks, our ball use has been first rate, but today, for whatever reason,  it was off.

“We knew the stakes, but we didn’t want to take any risks with the ball use.

“We needed to get our balance of numbers right, when that happens you can move the football well.

“When you don’t do that, it makes it very hard to defend.”



Palm Beach Currumbin 5.1,  8.2,  13.5,  16.6  (102)
Wilston Grange 2.4,  5.8,  5.9,  8.15  (63)

It wasn’t a win for the ages, but it was crucially important for the Lions to get back on the winners list.

They got the job done pretty comfortably in the end, but it was tight early.

Wilston Grange came out exactly like they should have, with nothing to lose.

The young Gorillas were getting their fair share of the footy in their forward half; it was just their inaccuracy that killed them.

They had more scoring shots in the first and second quarters, but trailed by 12-points at the main break.

The third quarter was when Palm Beach made their move… the premiership quarter.

Jesse Derrick was outstanding, and Emblem, in career best form if you ask those in the know down at Salk Oval, was a rock down back.

They ran, they spread, and they went direct.

Their piled on five unanswered goals, while holding the Gorillas to a solitary point. By that time, time game was pretty much in the books.

Grange fought it out, but couldn’t get any closer in the final 30 minutes.

The highlight for them was the performances of their youngsters. Oscar Baker was electric, and McFadyen put in another blinder. That’s two weeks in a row.

Dave Kettle also played well in his final game at Hickey Park. It’s been a good innings.

The only sour note in the game was an ACL injury to Sam Wilson. Heartbreaking this time of year.

Role on Labrador next week for the Lions.

Coaches thoughts:
Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“Up until half time we were in the contest, but after that, we must have been gassed out. We didn’t have a lot in the third, and our last quarter wasn’t bad.

“The thing all year has been consistency of sustained effort, and we haven’t been able to go with those teams who turn it on for five minutes and that’s the game.

“I thought we fought well, we had a lot of contributors, they just scored a lot easier than we did.”

Chad Owens – Palm Beach Currumbin

“The third quarter was what won us the game.

“For them, this was as big of a game as they have left, so we knew it was going to be a really hard day and not a big result, so we were happy to get away with the win.

“Our defensive work was good in that third, and our runners were on top.”



Surfers Paradise 5.2,  6.4,  10.5,  14.6  (90)
Mt Gravatt 4.2,  8.4,  10.6,  12.12  (84)

Neither coach would have any fingernails left, but it was Surfers Paradise who got over the line in one of the games of the year.

The was nothing in it all day… in fact, the biggest lead of the day was 12-points.

It was set up for a cracking finish, and we got it.

The last quarter was a shootout between the two top dogs of the respective forward lines.

Green and Estall were turning it on late, trying to will their side over the line.

Green kicked the first two, Estall the third, Green the fourth, Estall the fifth… it was a fascinating battle.

But it was Daniel Greens goal at the 25 minute mark, that put the Demons back in front, and handed them the five point win.

They did it by getting on top in the middle late.

Their contested work allowed them to restrict the Vultures outside work at times, which got them over the line.

Corbett was dangerous up forward, and Haberfield and Pope went to work in the middle.

For the Vultures, Smith took the points in the ruck, and Mick Hamill was outstanding yet again. He is a moral for their best and fairest.

Now, if both sides win next week, they make the finals.

If Surfers lose to the Magpies, they are out.

Coaches thoughts:
Peter Young – Surfers Paradise

“We won the contest inside, which was a focus for us, and the real difference.

“Greeny kicking eight was also a big effort.

“We are really happy with that, with a few missing. They like to play it with speed, and we had to counteract that.”

Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

“All credit to Surfers, they did play some really good football, and I think when the game was there to be won, the better side stood up and took their chances in front of goal.

“Losing Chapman hurt, but no excuses.

“They really take the game on, and when it comes off, it’s hard to lock them down.

“We couldn’t really get it on our terms through the day, but the boys battled on,

“The positive is there is still a pulse, and we play off next week for a spot in the finals.”


Labrador 6.4,  12.10,  18.14,  33.16  (214)
Broadbeach 0.1,  1.5,  2.6,  2.9  (21)

It was a complete and utter decimation. What else can you say?

197-points, 33 goals kicked, and 13 goal kickers.

It was as dominate of a performance as we have seen in 2016, and it came at exactly the right time.

104-points up at the final change, the Tigers could have been forgiven for putting the cue in the rack, with an eye on next week.

They didn’t.

They kicked 15 goals in the final quarter. 15. One five. That’s an amount most teams would be content with in a game.

Talk about making a statement at a ground they haven’t won at since 2010.

Let’s not forget, their opposition was the team that knocked off Palm Beach last week…

They got the buy in from their younger players that is so essential for going deep into finals.

Watmuff, Offermans, Coombe, Kenny, they all were outstanding.

Seven days away from a top of the table clash against Palm Beach for a week off, you couldn’t dream of a more impressive win.

For Broadbeach, it’s a day they won’t want to relive. Ever.

Coaches thoughts:
Brett Andrews – Broadbeach

“That was humiliating.

“We were witches hats today. We couldn’t even get our hands on it, especially in the last.”

Perry Meka – Labrador

“The thing about yesterday was, there was no complacency, we have our reserves going well, and a lot of players pushing for senior spots, so everyone has to play well.

“The most pleasing thing was at three quarter time I said, we can go through the motions, playa bit of Hollywood football, not play to the game plan, or play the Tiger way.

‘I grabbed Toddy, and said to the boys we need to play like he plays 120 minutes, and has played for 200 games. Play like this little man, pick him up at the end of the game, and wow, what a response.

“It’s also really pleasing what our younger players are bringing to the table.

“ It was exciting for the club, but we have got Palm Beach, who were our last loss, and top spot is up for grabs. It’s up to us now.”


Sandgate 7.6, 10.9, 12.11, 21.14 (140)
University of Queensland 2.2, 5.8, 6.9, 9.11 (65)

Lemke Road was rocking last night, thanks to the Hawks putting in their best four quarters of the year.

It was a sublime team effort, but one man set it all up.

Connor Stackelberg kicked 11 goals five for the game, single handedly out-scoring the opposition.

As the sun set in the twilight fixture, the Hawks turned up the heat.

They piled on seven goals in the opening quarter to set the tone for the day. There was an air of confidence at the quarter time huddle; they knew the opportunity in front of them.

Their inclusions this week added the touch of class, and polish they had been missing at times this year.

UQ were caught off-guard in the first 10 minutes, but worked back into the contest until three quarter time.

But in the last quarter, Sandgate’s midfield flexed their muscles, and put the foot to the floor.

Stackelberg was marking everything he could get his hands on, Overington won a heap of it, and Aden Rutledge was doing it in the midfield and up forward.

Tagell can hold his head high for UQ, booting five, Lovett was very good wherever he was swung, and Townsend zipped around all day.

The Hawks were just too clean in the end, banking win number three for the year.

Coaches thoughts:
Graham Adams – Sandgate

“It was a really good day, we were excellent.

“Stackelberg was outstanding, he just had one of those days.

“Our midfield was really good yesterday.

“The first quarter set it up. Everyone thought we were up and about. We prepared really well for this game, It meant a fair bit to us.

“We have been close a lot this year. When we get it right, we are a pretty good footy side, and yesterday was one of the days we got it right.

John Tootell – UQ

“They were really good. They were fired up, and just jumped us,

“We are terrible at responding to those kind of things.

“We didn’t capitalise on the opportunities we had to get back in the game.

“In the last quarter though, their midfield ran rampant.”

By Andrew Wiles

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