Tuesday Talking Points

Numbers game

You couldn’t script this if you tried, but this weekend in the QFA South, the fixture reads like a finals week. It will be 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8 and 9v10. If you get one game between to close rivals on the ladder it’s a good week…. we’ve got five!
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Ipswich breaks the drought

For the first time in a long time, the Ipswich Cats were arm in arm singing their song after the game on Friday night. Their win over Yeronga in the QAFA B Central was their first in two seasons. With the second half goal for goal, it wasn’t until the final siren they were able to celebrate though, getting the job done by three points. It would have been a very enjoyable drive back home at about 10pm Friday.


A Buzz around tackling

The tackles column is not something we usually pay too much attention to for big men on the ground because let’s be honest, it’s not usually their strength. Well Wylie Buzza must have missed that memo. Playing in Geelong’s VFL team on Sunday, Buzz led all comers with 10 tackles playing a defensive forward role. Huge.


Cross Conference

This weekend, the final cross conference games in the QAFA Northern Rivers competition take place, and the stage is set. Both Byron and Port Macquarie are undefeated so far, and you guess it, they play each other on Saturday. You don’t need your calculator to work out this one, it’s winner takes all in the cross conference bragging rights.


Moreton Bay turns Purple

If you’re heading to Moreton Bay on Saturday, don’t panic and think you’re going colour blind. The Lions will be donning purple socks, as the club raises money for the Caboolture Regional Domestic Violence Services through their Ladies Day event. It’s $10 a head, with all proceeds being donated. More info HERE

By Andrew Wiles

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