2021 U19 NAB AFL Women’s Queensland team announced

The Queensland Under 19 Women’s squad that will compete at the 2021 NAB National U19 Championships has been named.

The Championships starts Monday, April 12 and runs through until May 29.

AFL Talent Manager Queensland, Mark Browning, said this year’s class was extremely talented.  

“This is no doubt a reflection of the strong female program that we have in place working in conjunction with the two AFL clubs, our QAFLW competition, and community clubs both junior and senior,” he said.

“We congratulate the selected players and thank all other players who participated in the Academy Series of games for their efforts. We wish them all the best for the season ahead.”

The squad will be coached by Gold Coast Suns academy female coach Sam Iles and Brisbane Lions female coach Damien Richards and supported by assistant coaches, medical and high performance staff from the two academies to provide a fantastic development experience for the selected players.

The AFL confirmed in March that championships had been moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Queensland.

While Queensland won’t travel to Melbourne to play, they’re scheduled to play games against Victoria Country and Victoria Metro in May this year.
The decision to move the 2021 NAB AFLW U19 Championships was made to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved in the Championships and the wider community remains the priority.

As part of the new model for AFL Talent Pathway Programs announced in September 2020, age groups for all AFL Talent Pathway Programs, including the NAB League Girls and Boys and the NAB AFL / AFLW National Championships, have been re-focussed from U16 and U18 Levels to U17 and U19 in 2021. All future draftees will be provided with the same level of medical, physical and off-field care and the AFL remains committed to ensuring opportunities exist in 2021 for players who have been impacted by the disruptions to the 2020 season.
The draft age remains at 18 for both AFL and AFL Women’s competitions.

QUEENSLAND UNDER 19 FEMALE SQUAD:                                                 

  1. Abbey Hewett                                12/04/2003        Lions     Wilston Grange
  2. Brooke Sheridan                            8/09/2004          Lions     Wilston Grange
  3. Charlotte Mullins                          28/10/2004        Lions     Aspley
  4. Lauren Middleton                         26/01/2002        Lions     UQ
  5. Macie Brown                                  30/03/2002        Lions     Coorparoo
  6. Phoebe Baird                                 15/12/2003        Lions     Aspley
  7. Bella Smith                                     5/10/2003          Lions     Maroochydore
  8. Ella Smith                                        27/05/2004        Lions     Aspley
  9. Maggie Harmer                             12/04/2003        Lions     Maroochydore 
  10. Christine Okesene                         3/09/2002          Lions     Yeronga
  11. Lucia Liessi                                      24/06/2003        Lions     Aspley
  12. Mikayla Pauga                                10/04/2003        Lions     Bond University
  13. Kadie Fletcher                                18/08/2004        Lions     Aspley
  14. Keyshia Matenga                           7/03/2002          Suns      Coolangatta
  15. Teagan Levi                                     14/08/2003        Suns      Bond University
  16. Lilly Pearce                                     31/12/2002        Suns      Southport
  17. Alana Gee                                       20/04/2004        Suns      Mackay Saints
  18. Laquoiya Cockatoo-Motlap         8/04/2003          Suns      Coolangatta/Cairns City Lions
  19. Litonya Cockatoo-Motlap            8/04/2003          Suns      Coolangatta/Cairns City Lions
  20. Giselle Davies                                 17/03/2003        Suns      Southport/Bond University
  21. Imogen Evans                                5/02/2004          Suns      Coolangatta
  22. Casey Wynne                                 8/06/2003          Suns      Coolangatta
  23. Faith Alchin                                    11/04/2003        Suns      Coolangatta
  24. Lily Tarlinton                                  22/01/2002        Suns      Bond University
  25. Fleur Davies                                    6/05/2004          Suns      Southport
  26. Kalista-Jayne Shiner                      7/06/2003          Suns      Coorparoo
  27. Sally Evans                                      5/11/2003          Suns      Coolangatta
  28. Jasmyn Davidson                           29/10/2002       Suns      Bond University
  29. Sophie Ure                                      11/12/2002        Suns      Coolangatta/BITS

Details for Tuesday, 4th May trial match against Coorparoo QAFLW team.

Queensland U19 v Coorparoo
Game start: 6.30 pm
Live stream starts: 5.40 pm 

Live stream link: https://youtu.be/F7YM3AK5DeI

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