QWAFL Round 10 Review

Zillmere Eagles 5.6.36 defeated by Coolangatta 7.9.51

In usual fashion, the battle of the birds was a close one with less than 20 points separating the two sides.

Coolangatta went into the game on a mission, to play four full quarters and take the game on. Their transition was risky, but often effective.

Cooly’s Shae Adams had a breakout game, booting three crucial goals for her side. Zillmere were tenacious and determined to get the battle back on their terms, but were overrun by the Bluebirds in the end.

Final Score: Zillmere                    2.1, 4.4, 4.6, 5.6 (36)

Coolangatta            3.2, 4.4, 5.6, 7.9 (51)

Goals:            Zillmere

                       Coolangatta            S. Adams 3, A. Hamlyn 2, K. Howarth 2

Best:               Zillmere

                       Coolangatta            A. Hamlyn, J. Stanton, M. Roberts, A. Clarke, R. Markham, S. Adams

Ladder Review: Zillmere 4th (5 Wins), Coolangatta 2nd (7 Wins)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Aaron Russell, Coolangatta

“The girls battled hard, there was a lot of things that didn’t go our way before and during the match on Saturday.”

“We dug deep to get the four points and we responded to a whole bunch of challenges.”

“We thought our ball movement and transition was brave, which is something we wanted to implement throughout the match.”

“We sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves, which has come back to bite us a couple of times this year.”


UQ 9.10.64 defeated Wilston Grange 4.3.27

The Red Lionesses outmanned and outworked the Gorilla’s on Saturday morning in difficult conditions.

It was a logged, heavy ball, but UQ were classy and composed, always managing to bring much needed numbers to the ball. Wilston Grange were on the back foot from the start and managed to work the margin back down in the second quarter, but UQ remained in control.

Young gun, Alanna Perry continued her impressive form bagging four, and Emma Zielke contributed three. Grange’s Mica Cubis was influential in the ruck, often winning the hit-outs, though it didn’t relay into points.

Final Score: UQ                              4.0, 5.3, 7.6, 9.10 (64)

Wilston Grange      1.0, 3.1, 4.2, 4.3 (27)

Goals:            UQ                              A. Perry 4, E. Zielke 3, E. Pericic 2, M. McGorm

Wilston Grange     K. Lutkins 2, S. Hewitt, L. Davis

Best:               UQ                              A. Perry, J. Wiggan , A. Shewring, S. Webb, E. Zielke, E. Pittman

Wilston Grange     K. Lutkins, M. Cubis, T. Randall, G. Mooney, C. Daniec, H. Thompson

Ladder Review: UQ 3rd (6 Wins), Wilston Grange 5th (1 Win)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Marcus McDonald-Camden, Wilston Grange

“We played well in patches, but it’s disappointing we didn’t get the start we needed.”

“The first quarter was not how we wanted to start, and it was hard to get back from there.”

“Our skill errors under fatigue really let us down.”

“UQ worked hard contest to contest, and they outnumbered us every time which worked to their favour.”

“It was a scrappy game, but they looked clean.”


Yeronga 10.11.71 defeated Coorparoo 4.6.30

The score line definitely didn’t reflect Saturday’s match. The contest was tough, hard-hitting, fast and intense for the full 80 minutes.

Coorparoo are so far from the side they were back in Round 1 and they should hold themselves extremely proud of their effort against the ladder leaders.

It was tackle after tackle, with the Navy Roos continuously mounting pressure on the Devils.

The difference was the efficiency; when Yeronga went forward, they capitalised, rarely making a mistake until the fourth quarter.

Coorparoo worked so hard all night to get the ball in forward, but a couple more goals instead of behinds would have given them the belief they needed to cause a huge upset.

A late goal to Yeronga in the third quarter helped the Devils settle their nerves going into the last 20 minutes.

Final Score: Yeronga        3.2, 5.3, 7.5, 10.11 (71)

Coorparoo   0.2, 1.2, 2.6, 4.6 (30)

Goals:            Yeronga        K. Welsh 3, H. Newberry 2, K. McCarthy, J. Ransfield, S. Virgo, D. Leach, C. Bromage

Coorparoo   A. Henderson 2, K. Deegan, B. Small

Best:               Yeronga        A. Mudronja, K. Welsh, S. Virgo, C. Bromage, E. Bates, E. Bliss

Coorparoo   S. Young, R. Crack, B. Spence, S. Crew, C. Davis, K. Deegan

Ladder Review: UQ 3rd (3 Wins), Coolangatta 1st (5 Wins)


3 Things We Learnt:

  1. Coolangatta’s young birds continue to fly

They might be one of the youngest sides in the competition, but age has been detriment to Coolangatta’s success so far this season.

It’s the young superstars of the future, the girls who have worked their way through the ranks of the club, who are now making the biggest impact.

Shae Adams has worked her way to become a strong forward target over the past couple of weeks.

Kalinda Howarth has just moved into the top position of the QWAFL leading goal kicker.

Who can forget Arianna Clarke and Ruby Blair, who bring so much X-Factor to the game. I

t’s already a brilliant year for Coolangatta, but their future too, looks very bright.

  1. No matter the conditions, UQ remain crisp and clean

It was a different environment for UQ and Wilston Grange, playing footy first thing Saturday morning, rather than the usual night-time slot.

But, the wet, dewy and slippery field at St Lucia didn’t affect the Red Lionesses. Their intensity was up and they got the ball moving early, booting four goals in the first quarter.

It helps when you’ve got, quite possibly the QWAFL’s best boot (Breanna Koenen) in your side. That’s why it’s no doubt one of UQ’s biggest strength’s this season has been their kicking efficiency.

  1. Coorparoo’s Premiership Leaders

Despite not getting the win against Yeronga, Coorparoo were relentless, persistent and tenacious. It was a valiant display from the Navy Roos, who were led by their 2015 premiership girls.

Last year’s ‘spine’ continued to remain influential upon any game. With the likes of Brooke Spence, Adair Henderson, Cleo Davis, Rachel Crack and Emma Gibson all stepping up to push their side one step closer to a maiden victory this season. And of course, it must also be mentioned, their spirited captain, Sally Young, who would have easily laid ten tackles against a strong Yeronga outfit.

By Jess Stewart

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