2013 Ambassadors Shine


Twenty new girls have been selected to join the Female Football Academy in 2013.

A total of 30 girls are in this year’s academy program, which is in its fifth year of operation.

In early April, the girls had their first training session with the boys under instruction of the Brisbane Lions Academy coaches.

The girls will participate in eight training sessions throughout the year to foster their development and growth within the sport.

Kelly Higgins-Devine is a long time serving ambassador of the Female Football Academy and believes the program is important so as girls keep playing AFL.

“I think it’s important women are encouraged to play any sport they love.”

“Women have all the skills to play the game as well as the men, “Mrs Higgins-Devine said.

A number of the academy girls have also been selected to play in representative teams, including 10 girls being named in the Queensland Under 18’s Youth Girls side.

With the AFL’s aim to introduce a national female league by the close of 2020, Higgins-Devine highlighted how beneficial this would be for academy players and spectators.

“These girls work really hard and I think people would be really impressed to watch them play.”

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