QAFL Wrap: Round 9

Wilston Grange 4.2,  7.5,  9.8,  11.11  (77)
Mt Gravatt 2.2,  6.5,  7.7,  11.11  (77)

It might have taken eight rounds, but there we have it, our first draw of the year.

It almost wasn’t though.

Mt Gravatt’s Jesse Green had a shot after the siren, kicking from 45, not too far from the boundary line, but it didn’t have the legs… these two teams were taking home two points each.

The score line reflected the entire afternoon, it was an arm wrestle from the opening bounce until the final siren.

Even  Grange held a two goal advantage at the final break, and Mt Gravatt were down to one on the bench, it was never a game that you thought a certain team will run away with.

Neither could grab the game by the scruff of the neck. For every couple of goals kicked by a side, there was an immediate answer.

In fact, the only time all day a team kicked more than two on the trot was the Gorilla’s in the first quarter.

Tronc was outstanding down back for the Vultures, as was Chapman, and Mick Hamill can’t put a foot wrong in the middle at the moment.

For Wilston Grange the undersized Richardson did a ripping job on the Vultures’ tall forwards, and Brittain kept them in the game in the middle.

When two teams give it their all for four quarters, it’s hard to say one team didn’t deserve any points.

It’ll be very interesting to see – when the dust settles after round 18 – just how valuable those points become.


Coaches thoughts:
Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“It was a good team effort against a team that was sitting second on the ladder.

“We had a good team in, had some experience in the line up, and everyone contributed yesterday, which hasn’t always been the case this year.

“I thought we were okay against Palm Beach last week, so this effort wasn’t a surprise. We have been building towards this, and now our focus turns to the back half of the year.

“We have just got see if we can grab that fifth spot, everyone is beating everyone, so all we can do is try and win games of footy.”

Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

“We just happy to get something out of the game. We were down for the count a few times.

“I thought Wilston Grange played outstanding, they were really good. It was a really fast end to end game, our boys had to dig deep, so we are really proud that they got something out of it in the end.

“I’d rather get two points than none, it could have gone either way.”


Palm Beach Currumbin 3.3,  8.8,  11.15,  15.17  (107)
Labrador 2.2,  4.4,  9.6,  12.10  (82)

Full recap:

Everyone was hoping and praying this would have a finals feel.

We got everything we were looking for.

It was ferocious, it was fast, the hits were big, the skills were up, and with five minutes to go, it was on a knife-edge.

Palm Beach stamped their authority of the game when they put a gap on Labrador in the back half of the second quarter.

Fraser Chisholm was running away from stoppages like everyone else was wearing lead boots, and Jarryd Douglas was doing it all in the forward line.

Their foot skills were elite… actually they were the best I’ve seen in 18 months in the job.

The way the can open the game up by foot is something to behold at times.

But in the second half, Labrador worked right back in the contest.

Retzlaff’s work-rate went through the roof, pushing up and down the ground, Adam Clarke was getting a lot of the footy, and Baxter was finishing off in front of goal.

At the 13 minute mark of the last, Labrador were within eight-points, it was game on.

But like they did in the second, the Lions collected themselves, put their heads over the ball, and made sure of the result through Damien Ashby (who is ice cold for a kid) and Higgs.

Belter of a game of footy, and I don’t think this is the last of the rivalry when the whips are cracking.

Coaches thoughts:
Chad Owens – Palm Beach


Perry Meka – Labrador

“It was a really high standard game, it was pretty physical, and we definitely had our opportunities to win, we just couldn’t get in front in that last quarter.

“We just needed to hit the front, and then I think our momentum would have carried us over the line. It was that lapse at the start of the second that hurt us, but there were some really good signs still.

“We have had a couple of big weeks in the fitness department, so I thought our legs kicked in late, and our pressure in the second half was really good, which allowed us to play our game of footy…but full credit to Palm Beach.”


Western Magpies 5.3,  11.5,  17.6,  21.7  (133)
Surfers Paradise 2.2,  4.3,  8.3,  11.5  (71)

A month ago, the Magpies looked shot, done, cooked, stick a fork in them.

Today they sit in the top five.

It’s a remarkable turnaround in form, and it’s a remarkable result when you consider they had to make the toughest road trip in the QAFL, up against a Surfers team who had only lost three games to this point, and lets not forget how convincingly they were beaten last game at the hands of Morningside.

On Saturday, they got their bread and butter back in action.

They won the footy, and they hurt Surfers in transition.

The Magpies were making the most of their opportunities as well. Their ball use was superior yesterday.

Surfers just couldn’t get themselves in the game. The Magpies extended their lead each break, running away with a 10-goal win.

Cal Carseldine was the catalyst to their inside work, and Dickfos and Staker were being delivered the ball on a silver platter, so there was nothing the Demons’ defenders could do.

Matt Green did nothing but crack in all game for the Demons, like Corbett as well, but they couldn’t drag their team back in it.

The Magpies are back in town. All of a sudden they look like finals locks.

It’s definitely not panic stations for Surfers yet, but that’s two games in a row they have been beaten up a bit. Need to get themselves out of this hole ASAP.


Coaches thoughts:
Shannan Tate – Surfers Paradise

“We just go outworked, we were very poor in defensive transition, they spread well and used the free option and got the overlap run and we just couldn’t counteract that well enough.

“As I said to the group after the game, the only way out of this little hole that we are in is hard work on the track. We have got to do the little things right, and then I’m sure we will be back to the form we know we can produce.

“They just moved the ball too easily, and were allowed to enter their forward 50 too easily.”

Nathan Clarke – Western Magpies

“It was a good win, we got a bit of ball movement happening, and a lot more pressure around the ball.

“I don’t think it was one thing in particular, but the last two weeks have been good for us and what we have been working on. I think we were able to make the most of our opportunities.

“Our ball movement was a focus, we spoke about having the courage to have a crack at our kicks and move it quicker.”


Broadbeach 8.0,  16.6,  23.7,  35.8  (218)
University of Queensland 1.2,  2.3,  4.5,  4.6  (30)


Not much more can be said about the Cats’ performance yesterday.

They came up against a depleted UQ, who were missing 10 players through injury or exams, and they put them to the sword.

It started at the opening bounce, and they didn’t take the foot of the throat… not once.

Proof is in the pudding when you kick 12 goals in the last quarter.

I think what will please Brett Andrews the most though is the way they kicked the ball.

35.8 is stunning accuracy for a team that have shot themselves in the foot in recent weeks. That’ll do a world of good for the confidence.
When you are missing the caliber UQ were, like Hannaford, Milford, Macanawie, it’s always going to be difficult, but they didn’t give a yelp.

It’s hard to single out anyone for the Cats with that type of victory, but Upton and Kerr kicking seven each, along with Quick and Daffy down back, all deserve a plug.


Coaches thoughts:
Brett Andrews – Broadbeach

“They were very undermanned, but we never took the foot off the pedal, got a bit of steam up, and everything turned out alright, it was one of those days.

“It was pretty confidence lifting. We haven’t had too many great games, but the ones we have, we have had a bye after it, so we are hoping that this builds some momentum.

“We just kept getting better and better, for the first time we didn’t have any passengers, and when that happens we go alright.”

John Tootell – UQ

“They were good, we had about 10 out, but they just smashed us around the contest, ran in numbers, and we were just very ordinary.

“It was an effort that wasn’t acceptable at this standard, the boys have been told that, and hopefully they learn from it.

“In this situation, we knew we were going to struggle, but we didn’t think it would be this bad. Hopefully we will get five or six back, and it’s just one of those games you forget about and move forward.”


Morningside 2.2,  10.5,  16.12,  22.17  (149)
Sandgate 4.5,  6.5,  6.7,  7.10  (52)

Not even Nostradamus saw this coming at quarter time.

Sandgate were up and about. They controlled the stoppages, they were first to the footy, and they out pressuring the Panthers.

At quarter time the Hawks were up by 15-points, and an upset was brewing.

The plug was then pulled.

The next three quarters saw Morningside boot 20 goals, and Sandgate three.

The Panthers started using the ball the way they wanted to, and didn’t give the Hawks a look in.

They loaded up on the outside, they won the one-on-ones, their defensive unit stood up, and they used it better by foot.

Once they got a sniff, there was no stopping them.

Mueller, who looks to have found a new home down back was excellent, Abey kicked five, but they also had 10 goal scorers, sure to put a smile on Matt Walder’s face.

For Sandgate, Nick Jackson in the ruck was good, as was Overington, but they didn’t have enough mates.


Coaches thoughts:
Matt Walder – Morningside

“Once we awoke from out slumber and tweaked a couple of tweaks, the boys kicked into action, and we were super dominant after quarter time.

“Initially, Sandgate out-enthused us, and were probably a bit more desperate, but we got on top by getting a bit more hands on with the footy.

“You can go with all the strategies in the world, but if you are not prepared to compete, anything can happen.”

Graham Adams – Sandgate

“I just thought they gave us a footy lesson.

“They are really classy, they just move the ball really well. They are really slick, and really well structured, and hardly missed a target all day.

“We won a lot of stoppages, even throughout the whole day that was a positive for us, but we just couldn’t stop their transition.

“We are just trying to be positive. The last couple of weeks haven’t been great for us, so we are just going to stay upbeat, and hopefully a result comes our way again.”

By Andrew Wiles

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