QAFL Wrap – Round 6

Surfers Paradise 5.2,  9.6,  14.12,  23.18  (156)
Morningside 3.0,  5.4,  9.7,  9.12  (66)

Holy moly… Surfers winning this isn’t a shock, but the margin certainly is.

The Demons’ last three weeks has been the best in the competition.

They have beaten last year’s two grand finalists by a combined total of 165-points. Let that sink in for a minute.

An eight goal to nil final quarter blew the margin right out in this one, but the Demons dominated all day.

They won every line on the ground. Their backline stood up against the big blokes, their midfield won the footy, and the spread of goals between their forwards made them impossible to stop.

Van De Werken had it on a string, Macnash didn’t skip a beat, and Harrison Fraser just keeps getting better and better.

If they kicked a little straighter, the scoreline could have been an even bigger blow out.

It was a dirty day for Morningside, and one they will try and quickly forget. You don’t see the Panthers beaten this badly very often.

Surfers are the real deal.

Coaches thoughts:
Peter Young – Surfers Paradise

“It’s nice for the boys to earn the respect they deserve, they are playing some good footy at the moment.

“We aimed to play exciting footy, that’s what we wanted to do all day. Our forward line worked well, our backline held up, and we ran the footy.

“We have been building our side on a club like Morningside. They are a riper footy side, the way they go about things, so we model ourselves on them, so it’s great to beat them.

“It’s round 6 though, we are not getting ahead of ourselves.”

Matt Walder – Morningisde

“They played very, very well, in the critical moments as well, and we didn’t.

“We were only running on three or four cylinders, had a slight glimmer of hope at three quarter time, but that was shut down very quickly.

“It was very disappointing, and very embarrassing for everyone involved to walk away with that margin.


Palm Beach Currumbin 4.5,  6.7,  10.11,  17.14  (116)
Sandgate 1.4,  7.6,  10.12,  11.16  (82)

I wrote in the Friday Forecast that we don’t have to look too far back to find a Sandgate upset over Palm Beach, and lightning nearly struck twice.

The Lions had to work bloody hard to shake off the Hawks at Salk Oval, with the defining period of the game coming late in the third quarter.

Sandgate missed three getables, and had one hit the post, while Palm Beach kicked four in a row.

That meant the Hawks lead went from 27-points to one.

The difference early was Sandgate played to their strengths.

McElligott was excellent in the ruck, and Ben Beaven brought his own footy.

The turn around came when Palm Beach got to the outside.

Stephen Thynne was running riot, and Chisholm was stamping his authority on the game in the forward half.

The Lions kicked seven last quarter goals to Sandgate’s one to run away with this one, and confirm their status as the best finishing team in the league.

That win also puts them on top of the ladder. Not a bad spot to be for Chad Owens’ men.

The Hawks pushed one of the best team in the league on the home deck. If they kick those goals late in the third, we are talking about their win right now.

Signs are good for them as well.

Coaches thoughts:
Chad Owens – Palm Beach

“They totally outplayed us for the first two and a half quarters. They just out-muscled us.

“They strength is their strength, and they used it.

“We just had to get the ball out wide, once we got running we were too strong for them.

“It just took us too long to get going today.”

Graham Adams – Sandgate

“We are really playing some good footy, we just can’t get over the line. Our biggest issue is that we just can’t string four quarters together at the moment.

“Three quarters we were really good, but they just got a little roll on before three quarter time, and carried it on into the last.

“We are not far away, not at all, we just need. It’s a very even competition and one that’s great to be involved in.


Wilston Grange 9.3,  12.5,  15.8,  18.11  (119)
Broadbeach 1.2,  5.6,  8.8,  12.10  (82)

I’m not sure what Matt Trewhella said before the game to Wilston Grange, but I would be rolling it out every week if I were him.

The Gorillas came out with a fire in their bellies, they were unstoppable.

Broadbeach kicked the first of the game through Kerr, but that is when it all changed.

Wilston Grange kicked the next nine goals of the quarter in one of the most impressive quarters we have seen all year.

Broadbeach couldn’t get their hands on it, Grange had too much space, and they were converting.

That 25-minutes of football would turn out to be the difference in the game. As much as Broadbeach leveled the contest after the first break, they could never bridge the gap.

The Dienjes brothers battled hard, but they were pushing it up hill after quarter time.

For the Gorillas, Trewhella, a senior head back in the forward line, was pivotal.

It steadied them up going forward, and allowed kids like McIvor-Clark and Howe more freedom.

Brittain was superb, and Foster won the ruck battle.

It’s been a patchy year so far, but this could be the turning point for Grange. Still in the mix.

Coaches thoughts:
Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“It was a ripping start. It was a pretty even game after that.

“Our guys were on top early, we kicked straight which also helps.

“The focus was on sustained effort, and our tackling pressure. There was a lot of traffic our way early which won us the game.

“I thought we played really well today, it was a combination of a lot of positives.”

Brett Andrews – Broadbeach

“A nine goal first quarter never helps your cause does it.

“We could not stop them, we hemorrhaged really bad. We were second to the ball and not really having a go.

“We could have easily walked away and threw it in, they probably took the foot off the pedal again, but I suppose we still hung around, it was admirable but we can’t give sides starts like that.



Mt Gravatt 7.3,  14.6,  20.6,  22.12  (144)
University of Queensland 2.2,  5.4,  8.6,  10.7  (67)

This game was summed up in the first 10 minutes.

Mt Gravatt pilled on six goals, while UQ had one forward 50 entry.

Mt Gravatt was scintillating on the spread all day.

They were determined to use the far side of the ground in transition, and always had a bailout option on the boundary when the corridor wasn’t open.

Oh, and their forward line was working pretty well.

Troy Moncur, in game 100, was unstoppable on the lead. He finished with eight majors… not bad for a 37 year old.

Moncur was supported well by Rhys Estall, who jagged seven. Some were on the lead, some spinning from the pack. He always looked dangerous.

UQ battled away after their first quarter lapse, but just couldn’t get going.

Ballenden was strong up forward, and Hannaford fought hard all afternoon, but they didn’t have enough support.

This win is an important percentage booster for Mt Gravatt, especially with how the ladder is currently shaping up.

Coaches thoughts:
Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

John Tootell – UQ

“They were really good today, and we were really flat.

“Their transition is superb, and caught us out numerous times early, and after that we just never got back in the game.

“Full credit to them, they were quick, had great ball use, and made us chase.

“Once the boys saw they were taking the game on, we didn’t, we went back into our shells a bit. It was a pretty ordinary effort to be honest.”


Western Magpies 3.4,  7.6,  9.8,  12.10  (82)
Labrador 3.1,  8.3,  10.5,  12.9  (81)

I think a few Magpies fans would have been pinching themselves last night, checking to see if they dreamt this win.

With three minutes left to play in this game, Labrador were 11-points up.

They looked home.

The Magpies had other ideas.

When Ben Jaenke-Cain goaled at the 27 minute mark of the last, the Magpies were within five-points.

A minute later, after a pivotal centre clearance, Val Pope goaled, and the Magpies were in front.

A minute later, with the ball back in Popes hands, the siren went. The Magpies had pinched it.

They got into this position due to the way they kept attacking.

The game was mostly goal-for-goal, so they never felt out of it. They refused to lay down, and they reaped the rewards.

The game itself was an arm wrestle all afternoon. Neither team could break away… which is why it finished like it did.

For the Magpies, Staker chipped in with three is his first game in the black and white, while Crawford and Carseldine were outstanding in the middle.

Labrador’s leaders stood up as well. Mills was great Goldsmith cracked in, and Hicks and Clarke got a heap of it.

A win like this could really turn the Magpies season around, they are still a big show.

And while the Tigers couldn’t get over the line, they are getting some names back, and starting to gel together. They have a big month coming up.

Coaches thoughts:
Perry Meka – Labrador

“It happens, we have to learn from this. They have to hurt. There are a few players going through the motions, when we have a loss we have to hurt.

“We have to bounce back next week.

“We are starting to get a few players back which is the good thing, we just need to get games into these guys, and hang in there.”

Glenn Humphrey – Western Magpies

“We just stuck at it today, stick with what we set out to do before the game, which was to play them one-on-one all over the ground and make them beat us.

“In the end, we had to come from behind, but we just continued to work, we knew there was a chance of winning this game.

“Both sides were cooked, it was a hot hard day, but we found a way.

“It’s about the group believing in themselves that they have the ability. For us to come down here and win is really important.”

By Andrew Wiles

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