QWAFL Round 2 Wrap

Zillmere Eagles 7.7.37 defeated by University of Queensland 7.7.49

As expected, this tussle was match of the round. Zillmere got off to a hot start, booting two quick goals. The second quarter it was all UQ, kicking four goals after some relaxation from Zillmere. Despite not scoring a goal in the second half, UQ just held on in the end, with the Eagles losing by less than two goals for the second week in a row.

Final Score:   Zillmere         3.0, 4.0, 4.5, 5.7 (37)

UQ                3.2, 7.3, 7.6, 7.7 (49)

Goals:            Zillmere         L. Thompson 2, A. Whitehead, A. Anderson, T. Harris

UQ                 D. Jensen 3, E. Zielke, D. Herdman, A. Mack, M. Hunt

Best:              Zillmere         T. Harris , A. Anderson, S. Klose, L. Thompson, K. Guarino, K. Riley

UQ                D. Herdman, C. Wharton, B. Koenen, E. Pericic, S. Webb, E. Agnew

Ladder Review: UQ 3rd (2 Wins), Zillmere 4th

Coach’s Thoughts:

Damien Richards, UQ

“We definitely weren’t playing to our potential, it wasn’t out best effort”

“It wasn’t a great start with Zillmere kicking two goals straight up”

“Our strongest quarter was the second, we were able to get forward and kick some goals and command the lead”

“She (Dania Herdman) was an absolute tackling machine, if we didn’t have her it would have been difficult to get the win today- her pressure was relentless.”

Jacob Simmons-Bliss, Zillmere

“It was the second week in a row where we didn’t put the game away when we should have.”

“They (UQ) piled on four goals in the second quarter which probably came off us relaxing, after the hot start we had in the first quarter.”

“WE shouldn’t have been as flat footed with our transition- we probably didn’t move the ball as well as we would have liked.”

“We were really pleased with out defensive efforts in the second half, they remained goalless.”


Wilston Grange 0.0.0 defeated by Coolangatta 14.18.102

Coolangatta showed the rest of the competition that they mean business on Saturday, beating an undermanned Wilston Grange. The defensive press of Coolangatta was something to behold, with Wilston Grange repeatedly having no one in their forward half of the ground to kick the ball to when attacking. Hannah Sexton was a standout in her second game for Cooly, running riot along the wins and contributing on the scoreboard. Wilston Grange’s defensive effort in the last quarter was something to be extremely proud of, as they kept Cooly goalless.

Final Score:   Wilston Grange     0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, (0)

Coolangatta           5.3, 10.8, 14.13, 14.18 (102)

Goals:            Wilston Grange

Coolangatta           R. Adamson 4, H. Sexton 3, J. Stanton 2, A. Hamlyn 2, M. Lowe, C. Hill, N. Davies

Best:              Wilston Grange     H. Thompson, H. Malone, M. Cubis, B. Mooney, C. Daniec, A. Pittendreigh

Coolangatta           H. Sexton, J. Stanton, M. Roberts, N. Wallace, E. O”Brien, S. Goodman

Ladder Review: Coolangatta 2nd (2 Wins), Wilston Grange 6th

Coach’s Thoughts:

Aaron Russell, Coolangatta

“Our pressure was the one thing we always wanted to work on from last week- we want it to be the foundation of our game.”

“We put up four quarters of pressure, but we probably tired in the last quarter, so overall we’re very happy.”

“We had nine-10 new girls today, and it was really pleasing to see every girl playing their roles and contributing to the game.”

“Hannah Sexton played superbly, fulfilling in the way the we want her to play, she turned around from last week.”

Marcus McDonald-Camden, Wilston Grange

“From the start we were always focusing on what’s next- how can we impact the next contest.”

“Our defensive game plan is slowly starting to work and it really showed in that last quarter.”

“It was good to see how we go without her (Tahlia Randall), our structures were still in place, but obviously we would have loved to have her playing tonight.”

“It’s positive, we just need to keep our heads up and keep making little steps.”


Yeronga 18.3.111 defeated Coorparoo 1.0.6

Yeronga continued to send a strong message to the rest of the competition by defeating last year’s premiers by 100 points. It was a tough night at the office for Coorparoo, who had roughly eight different girls playing from last week. Devils midfield superstar, Jordan Zanchetta went down in the opening minutes with what appeared to be a significant knee injury (let’s hope she’ll make a quick recovery), but Yeronga persisted for the entire match. The score definitely did not reflect Coorparoo’s effort; they were lively in all contests. It was Yeronga’s finesse through their run and carry which was the difference in the end.

Final Score:   Yeronga        4.0, 9.0, 14.1, 18.3 (111)

Coorparoo   0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0 (6)

Goals:            Yeronga        D. Leach 3, J. Vandyk 3, N. Thomas 3, K. Cantrell 2, J. Ransfield 2, H. Newberry 2, D. Kimmince, K. McCarthy, T. Broughton

Coorparoo   E. Gibson

Best:              Yeronga        D. Wall, S. Boniface, J. Ransfield, K. Welsh, D. Kimmince, K. McCarthy

Coorparoo   R. Crack, C. Davis, S. Young, B. Spence, S. Crew, H. Cornish

Ladder Review: Yeronga 1st (2 Wins), Coorparoo 5th

Coach’s Thoughts:

Scott Stephens, Yeronga

“We moved the ball through the middle of the ground really well, but sometimes we bombed the ball in forward which hurt us.”

“As soon as we lowered our eyes and started hitting targets, we were really starting to impact the scoreboard.”

“Ignore the scoreboard, I actually thought Coorparoo battled really hard and really made us earn our points.”

“A few of the girls really close to Jordy were pretty upset by her injury, and they probably ended up having quite nights; we ended up playing out the rest of the match for Jordy.”

Daniel Selby, Coorparoo

“We did what we wanted to achieve, but we turned it over just a little bit too often.”

“We had about six different girls from last week, so that’s always something new about our positioning.”

“Our biggest issue was our skill error, but all we need to do is link a few things together for it all to happen cohesively.”


3 Things We Learnt:

  1. Lean, Mean, Tackling Machine

UQ’s Dania Herdman has taken tackling to a whole new level. No matter how big or tall, Herdman is not afraid to lay courageous tackles to stop her opponents in their tracks, and win the ball back for her side. Her coach, Damien Richards was positive that she was rewarded with a ‘holding the ball’ free kick at least six times against Zillmere, going a long way in helping her side to their 12-point victory.


  1. The Defensive Surge

Every time the ball went in Coolangatta’s forward 50, not one person would be defensively behind the centre circle. It’s a defensive press like no other, and it was the reason Wilston Grange remained scoreless, despite getting plenty of the ball. Cooly captain Leah Kaslar pushed her girls up the field straight after the ball was delivered into their forward line. Coolangatta then would force a turnover from Wilston Grange, making it count on the scoreboard,


  1. Kate McCarthy- Fast, quick and speedy

Yeronga’s run and carry can be heabily linked to the form 0f one individual this year; Kate McCarthy. She has lightning speed, and is now a pivotal part to her new side’s attack. Unfortunately for Coorparoo she was often too hard to catch; cutting back through the middle of the ground and sending the ball forward. It’s difficult to see teams’ not giving her a direct tag in future matches, as she has the ability to be far too damaging.

By QWAFL writer Jessica Stewart

Twitter: @Jess_Stewart16

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